Fixing Wrist Pain During Push-ups

The push-up is a basic exercise than can be a treated as a main lift or an accessory movement. Whatever the case, you shouldn’t feel pain when you do the exercise. One of the most common problems during push-up is wrist pain. Below are a few tricks you can try in order to fix the issue:

1.Use push-up handles for your push-ups;


The nice thing about push-ups handles is that they allow you to have your wrists in a more neutral position.

When you do regular push-ups on the floor there’s a significant stretch of the wrist flexors. That’s avoided when handles are used.

You can buy a pair of handles or make them yourself. An alternative option to try would be to use two irons. Make sure they are solid and can handle your weight.

2.Do push-ups on your knuckles;

Depending on your case doing push-ups on your knuckles may relief some wrist pain because your wrist is once again in a more neutral alignment compared to the regular version. However, knuckle push-ups require more wrist strength and this alone can be an issue.

3.Stop flaring your elbows;

If you flare you elbows too much to the sides when you do push-ups, the wrist and the elbow are no longer in proper alignment and uneven stress on the joints may cause pain. To fix the problem make sure that the elbow is always over your wrist.

4.Don’t do too many push-ups;

You may be experiencing wrist pain during push-ups because you are overtraining. If you do insane amounts of push-ups everyday, your wrists are very likely to complain due to the high volume. Reduce the numbers of sets and reps you do, if necessary.

5.Doing advanced push-ups you are not ready for;

If you switch to advanced push-up variations before your body is prepared for the challenge, there may be some joint pain during drills such as the one arm push-up. To avoid that build a solid foundation and move to advanced drills only when you are ready.

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