Fixing Your Posture With Bodybuilding

Believe it or not having a good posture is one of the most important things on the road to aesthetic physique. The human body can never have an admirable look when your back looks like a camel. That’s why improving your posture should be one of your main priorities – yes! {having a good posture is way more important than having big biceps, bro}

Fixing Your Posture With Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding Can Help

Bodybuilding may be many things, but Quasimodo producer ain’t one of them. A good bodybuilder aims to acquire balanced physical development of all muscle groups. This not only helps your looks but also prevents poor posture. Obviously, the muscles at the back and the shoulders need to be strong in order to maintain good posture. Having a nice chest may be nice, but without powerful back musculature to back it up your posture will suffer. For that reason you need to include plenty of back exercises in your routine. For each pushing exercise like the bench press include 2 back exercises, preferably rowing movements.

Is it about strength?

While exercising the right musculature can only help your posture often the real culprit is not the lack of strength, but rather poor habits and lack of self-confidence. Truth be told most people have the required back strength to maintain good posture but often fail to do so because of non-physical factors.

If it’s a self-confidence issue, you need to find what’s bugging you and fix it. Find what you are afraid to face and face it, or at least try to. The most common problem is feeling not worthy and inferior to others for some irrational reason. Those are issues seen among people from all ages.

You have to understand that nobody in this world is perfect. Not a single man. There’s no need to cause self-depreciation through poor posture in order to compensate for the lack of self-confidence.

What exercises do you recommend for good posture?

The main bodybuilding exercises that directly improve your posture are the deadlift and the row. The deadlift strengthens the whole back from top to bottom and makes it thicker. At the same time the row helps you target the back muscle in dynamic fashion and places more emphasis on the upper back which is terribly important for shoulder health. In addition, you may add an isolation exercise for your rear deltoids.

Another important part are the active flexibility exercises a.k.a mobility work. There are tons of exercises to choose from. In order to find them just do a quick search on YouTube and you will see many videos similar to the one below:

With that being said building a good posture requires good habits more than anything. Many people don’t have good posture not because of muscular disorder but because they just haven’t built the required habits. Building awareness will require time and there are many tricks you can try. Most often people add some sort of reminders on their phones and/or desk.

Good luck!

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