Example Of How Your Traps Transform On Steroids

Due to the large amount of androgens receptors found in the trapezius muscle they just blow to enormous proportions when people take anabolic steroids. Large traps coupled with 3D deltoids are a sure sign of steroid usage. In the photo below you see the transformation of  Ty Ogedegbe who is very gifted bodybuilder.

Example Of How Your Traps Transform On Steroids

While Ty Ogedegbe looks like a complete beast even in the first photo, he transformed into an even bigger one. Pay special attention to the progress made in the trap region. It’s absolutely insane and screams ‘anabolic steroids’.  This is not a surprise, however, since Ty Ogedegbe is 5’8” and 195 lbs. A quick check reveals that he is one inch shorter and 10 lbs heavier than former Mr. Olympia Frank Zane. So, how could possible a natural bodybuilder be bigger than a former IFBB pro competitor who used anabolic steroids?

And in order to avoid being labeled as broscinetists we are going to include a study that examined the relation between androgens receptors in the traps and anabolic steroids.

Link to original study:

The expression of androgen receptors in human neck and limb muscles: effects of training and self-administration of androgenic-anabolic steroids.


Goal: Examine whether long-term strength training and self-administration of androgenic-anabolic steroids are accompanied by changes in androgen receptors content in the trapezius muscle and the vastus lateralis.

Participants were divided into three groups:

1.Powerlifters who don’t use anabolic steroids.

2.Powerlifters who use anabolic steroids.

3.Untrained people.


The cocentration of androgen receptors was the highest in the traps of powerlifters using anabolic steroids. According to the study the androgen receptors content differs greatly between the human neck/traps and the limb muscles.

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10664066 /Retrieved on June 15, 2014/

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