Eric Wang – Amazing Natural Bodybuilding Transformation

How often is that publishes a post about a true natural bodybuilder? Well, today is one of those rare shiny days where we are not going to present you another needle king and instead you get to see the transformation of a bodybuilder that we would define as natural.

Yesterday, we were contacted by Eric Wang – a 20 year old bodybuilder who in 3 years was able to gain over 30 lbs of mass. Of course, this also has to do with the fact that he was also still growing somewhat because in the beginning of his journey he was 17 years old. In the photo below he is 140 lbs – 63 kg @ 5’10” – 5’11” – 178 cm – 180 cm. His body fat is unknown but it’s obvious that it’s not very high – probably between 9-11%.

Eric Wang - Amazing Natural Bodybuilding Transformation

140 lbs at 5’11”

In the next photo Eric Wang is 176 lbs – 80 kg at 5’11” – 6’0″ – 180-182 cm. This about 8 lbs less than what a bodybuilder at 6’0″ can actually achieve according to our guide for natural bodybuilders. However, the guide assumes that the person in question is shredded to the bone and water depleted.

Eric Wang - Amazing Natural Bodybuilding Transformation

176 lbs @ 6’0″

According to Eric Wang his body fat in the after photo was 14.9% bodyfat measured by DEXA. However, we have seriously hard time putting him at 14.9% because he has visible lower abs and details in his quadriceps. Whatever the case this is a transformation that can be achieved naturally. Eric Wang’s lifts are 285 lbs bench press, 475 lbs squat and 500 lbs deadlift.

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Important notice: Over the last few days the site has been under serious attacks from angry, supposedly natural bodybuilders. That’s great because it means we are doing something right.

However, in order for the site to continue to function properly we will change some of our policy in order to protect our interest. There will be a lot more focus on true natural bodybuilding transformations such as the one of Eric Wang. Of course, we can never be certain about anything, but we try our best.

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  1. Zorba

    Great, inspirational transformation. NON, it’d also be beneficial to include the time frame (right from skinny to at least fairly bulky) in which these natural transformations take place as time is a great factor.

    Thanks for the great site.

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