Elliott Hulse Is On Steroids?

Elliott Hulse is a professional strongman and part of the so-called Strength Camp Community. He is mostly famous for his YouTube videos on strength and muscle. He has thousands of subscribers who follow him. The majority of the crowd, of course, consists of confused teenagers and young adults with low self-esteem.

According to official statements of Hulse he has used steroids in past. He reported that information on his website. However, he also made a very controversial statement:

My personal experience is that manipulating my hormones unnaturally not only changed my body, but negatively impacted my physiology, psychology and character. I did not like the person I turned me into. I was NOT The Strongest Version Of Myself.  – Elliott Hulse

Statements like that are very misleading. There is not a healthy human being who will be PHYSICALLY weaker on steroids (not talking about mental strength). Anybody on steroids automatically becomes a stronger version of himself when it comes to physical performance. Even if your grandmother was to take steroids she would still be stronger than before.

The stuff works.

What is observed here is a very common tendency among users of anabolic steroids. Elliott Hulse is trying to downsize the power of anabolic steroids by using the good old trick – “I tried it, but it was not that good.” Many bodybuilders from the past who were on tons of gear are known to like similar responses a lot.

A quick look at the female competitors like Dana Linn Bailey reveals the obvious – if steroids are turning women into men, they MUST be very effective.

Eliott Hulse claims that he is no longer on steroids and weights about 200lbs and feels great. Let’s see if that makes any sense. According to Elliott Hulse himself when he is in shape he has the following body stats:

Elliott Hulse Is On Steroids?

Image from Elliott Hulse’s website: http://www.leanhybridmuscle.com/


5’8” (173cm)


205 lbs (93.1kg)

Body fat levels:


Let’s see how Elliot Hulse compares to three time Mr.Olympia Frank Zane. In his prime Zane had the following stats:

Frank Zane - Natty Or Not?

Off-season weight:

200 lbs (91kg)

Competition weight:

185lbs (83kg)


5’9” (175cm)




According to the above data the LBM* of Elliott Hulse and Frank Zane compares the following wat:

1.Elliott Hulse: at 9% body fat Hulse has 186.55lbs of LBM (91% of 205lbs);

2.Frank Zane: at 5% body fat Zane has 175.75lbs of LBM (95% of 185lbs);

Elliott Hulse and Zane are about the same height. Hulse, however, has about 10lbs of LBM more than THREE TIMES Mr.Olympia Frank Zane who used a lot of steroids in his prime.

Let’s compare Elliott Hulse to another bodybuilding legend from the Golden Era of Bodybuilding – 1983 Mr. Olympia Samir Bannout.


In his prime Samir Bannout has the following body stats:


5’8” (173cm)


210 lbs (95.5kg)

Body fat levels:


According to the above data the LBM of Elliott Hulse and Samir Bannout is as follows:

1.Elliott Hulse: at 9% body fat Hulse has 186.5lbs of LBM (91% of 205lbs);

2.Samir Bannout: at 5% body fat Bannout has 199.5lbs of LBM (95% of 210lbs)

So, former Mr. Olympia Samir Bannout has only 14lbs of LBM more than Elliott Hulse. If the difference between a Mr. Olympia physique and a natural bodybuilders is merely 14lbs, why would IFBB pros even bother taking steroids?

{you decide}

Note: What many IFBB pro bodybuilders and fake natural bodybuilders are not telling you is that the good physiques they show have higher price. Steroid addiction, depression, money losses, health issues are not just myths.

*natty – “natty” is a bodybuilding slang for “natural”;
*LBM – the percentage of total body mass that is lean (muscle, bones, water, organs..etc.)

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  1. Frank

    There are 2 points worth making.
    Elliott admits to taking steroids.
    There is no way he is 9% bodyfat on the before and after picture.
    He looks about 13%-14% in my opinion.

  2. Michael Fernandes

    You completely misinterpreted what Elliot meant when he said steroids didn’t let him be the ‘strongest version of himself’ …..wasn’t referring to physical strength.

  3. jacob

    … when you leave out the comment where he says “they do work like magic” he doesn’t discredit himself. This article is complete garbage, next time don’t paraphrase and discredit another person.

  4. Rob

    I think if someone has admitted to using PEDs, then it’s moot to argue whether or not he’s on gear.

    If you gained a bunch of lean mass while on steroids, even if you stop using them, it’s pretty easy to maintain the muscle mass. You don’t start deflating like a balloon after you stop using them, of course, there are other factors like your BF% going up and stuff, but if your diet’s on point, I don’t see any reason why you’d start losing all the muscle.

    1. mitch

      Ask any professional bodybuilder, you lose all of your roid gains within a year of quitting steroids. Look it up before you parrot your pseudo-science next time.

      1. Eric

        You’re kidding, right? So, there’s a separate kind of muscle that steroids build, that you just can’t have otherwise? Is it made of gold? Yeah, if you have completely topped out what you’re capable of naturally then start gaining with steroids, sure. I don’t think anyone over 5’5″ is topped out at 200#. Grow up.

  5. Carl

    Have you even watch the video he admitted he took steroids before? You completely misinterpreted everything. He never said that it doesn’t work. He says that he didn’t like the person he was turning, not the strongest person (himself). Completely talking about physiological. He even said he got stronger and that stuff helps, but he just did not like the person he was becoming. Even if he is on gear still, his is one of the worse articles I have read before.

    1. mitch

      Ask any professional bodybuilder, you lose all of your roid gains within a year of quitting steroids. Look it up before you parrot your pseudo-science next time.

  6. tpola

    Yeah, usually I like this website when it exposes fake nattys… But Hulse never claimed anything, hell he doesn’t even compete in bodybuilding.

    The comparison to Zane and Samir are also trash comparisons. Zane was the smallest of all of the Mr. Olympia’s, so it’s really no surprise that Hulse would have more LBM.

    And Samir having 14 lbs of LBM over Hulse is HUGE… The article is using pseudoscience to try to discredit Hulse. Just to clarify, 14 lbs of LBM means 14 lbs of raw muscle. A natural athlete who has been training for a long time is lucky to gain even 1 lb of LBM per year…

  7. chris

    i follow you and admire your work. I really believe that 95% of cases you’re right when speaking someone is he’s natty or not.

    But this time i think that you wrong. Check much betters the photo of Elliott, it looks like natural. When i was training hard, i achieved a body really close like that. Sometimes after a ‘hard’ workout, like pull ups or bench pressing with some grams of AAKG Arginine i was really impressive, doubting myself if taken steroids ahah ! but obviously i was (and i am) natural. bye!

  8. Milo

    You completely misinterpreted the guy. He admitted that he cycled trenbolone in his football years I believe, partly out of burning curiosity, to gain the knowledge of “what it’s like to be on roids” . He did also say that it worked wonders and got him strong as hell (he even say it feels like “magic” )BUT said he stopped because it changed aspects of his life to something he wasn’t down for.

    When he says “strongest version of himself”, he doesn’t talk about actual physical strength. He means an “accomplished version of himself” ( he uses the same term for people that have nothing to do with the field of sports whatsoever, so really , nothing to do with actual strength)
    He stopped the juice because he didn’t feel it made him anymore all around accomplished in his life and was taking him the wrong way. that’s it.

    btw he has excellent genetics as far as mass is concerned. look at his photos as a kid & teen, he’s always been a thick dude.

  9. Justin

    Its obvious he used, easily 20lbs heavier 2013. respect to him for admission through experience. Pics are lies tho. 5″9′ ( by his account) & def 13% at 190. He isn’t that lean.

  10. rottenapple

    I have seen some exercise videos from this guy and he looks pretty buffed and with very thick muscles – frankly, he doesn’t look like natty to me

  11. Tobias

    “I did not like the person I turned me into. I was NOT The Strongest Version Of Myself.” What bullshit, he did not refer to physical strength.

    This article was the worst. It is good that you reveals lairs on roids, but this is just garbage.

  12. Joe Smartington

    I actively dislike Hulse, at least the more recent weird version of him, but this article is utter trash.

    Protip, author, getting down to 5% bodyfat is difficult. Hard to be at your highest LBM when you cut down that low, steroids or not. Hulse being 200 lbs and reasonably lean is obtainable for most lifters (looks more like 12% to me in his picture)

    Being 185 lbs and build like Zane at 4-5% is a whole different level.

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