Is Dwayne Johnson On Steroids?

Dwayne Johnson, better known among teenagers as The Rock, is one of the most muscular Hollywood celebrities. He was initially a football player then a wrestler and now a movie star with a very high status. The Rock is not particularly famous for his acting skills but his physique has won him many roles. Since most of his followers are ignorant on the subject, they believe Dwayne Johnson’s level of physical development can be achieved naturally without steroids. Wrong!

1.Dwayne Johnson was a football player.

Johnson was a college football player for the University of Miami, winning a national championship on the 1991 Miami Hurricanes football team.

In case you don’t know playing football at college level is not a joke. In the documentary on steroids Bigger, Faster, Stronger it was documented that many high school kids who play football are also on steroids. This is not a surprise since the world in which we live is driven by money and things people want to have. It’s all materialistic and second place is the first loser. The modern world doesn’t tolerate losers. The movies, commercials, TV shows and all of the brainwashing forces used against the population have convinced you through propaganda that unless you are a champion your life is pointless. For that reason people are doing whatever is needed to take that edge and become competitive at the highest possible level. That involves steroids and other performance enhancing drugs (PED) in this particular case.

2.Dwayne Johnson was a WWF wrestler from the highest status.

Once again, in the video Bigger, Faster, Stronger is documented that wrestlers take steroids. Otherwise you just can’t be competitive. How are you going to fight against 6’5″ 290 lbs monsters? You need that muscle mass.

WWF is a multi-mullion dollar company. Do you really think the ruthless businessmen will ever leave all that money to chance? Of course not, they are going to make whatever’s needed to multiply their profits and bigger athletes equal higher interest and more money.

Note: In the picture below Dwayne Johnson has gynecomastia which is often a side effect that comes with steroid abuse.


3.Dwayne Johnson is a Hollywood movie start.

Hollywood movie stars are known for their obsessions, ruthless behavior and being totally self-centered. They are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve the highest status they can reach. People like Christian Bale for example are known for reaching to the extremes and losing/gaining tons of muscle/fat in order to recreate the role they’re playing perfectly.

Dwayne Johnson’s strength is his size. He also has charisma but without his size he would never get the action roles such as Hercules. It’s a logical conclusion that he would do whatever it takes to maximize his muscularity in order to get the roles, the fame and the money he’s after.

Final thoughts:

This article was written for the general population which is unaware of many things happening in the world. You think it’s all shiny and glorious, but it’s not. The road to fame and money requires more sacrifices that you would ever imagine. You soul is stopping you, are you listening?

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  1. Ahmad

    Bullshit rock eats like a cow and workouts like a beast and he is nt tht bulk or cut up he is on steriods bullshit natty or not start recognizing people with gifts yea pro bodybuilders are on steroids by nt these sort of people use ur little brain and b reasonable God bless.

  2. Roid spotter

    Idiot! Of cour course he’s on roids and HGH. Every single wwe wrestler just about is. Look st Vince McMahon even over the years! Meanwhile, rock gets bigger every year leading into his 40’s and you don’t think it’s roids?

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