How To Develop Superhuman Grip Strength

Having a strong grip is important since you don’t want the strength of your forearms and fingers to limit you during deadlifts and pull-ups.

Of course, in the beginning of your lifting career you may not need to do specialized forearm work but later on you may add some corrective exercises that will strengthen your grip, wrist and elbows.

Sergio Oliva - classic arm shot

Sergio Oliva – classic arm shot

1.Towel pull-ups

A good way to strengthen your grip would be the good old towel pull-ups. To do them you need a very strong towel that won’t tear apart when you hang on it.

This exercise will make your forearms work extra hard. Most likely you will have to stop because your grip has failed and not because you can’t do more pull-ups.

Another great benefit of the towel pull-ups is that they allow you to perform the so-called neutral grip pull-ups which are kinder to the elbow and wrist joint.

Below is an instructional video by BeastLifestyle on how to do towel pull-ups.

2.Deadlifts with overhand grip

Another classical way to make your grip stronger would be to do deadlifts WITHOUT straps and with double overhand grip. When the deadlift is done this way it targets the grip directly and most likely you will fail a repetition because your hands have opened. This is a great forearm builder and finger strength builder.

3.Dead hangs on a chin-up bar for time

This one is sort of self-explanatory. You grab a chin-up bar with regular double overhand grip and hang for as long as you can. You should do that grip torture exercise as a finisher because afterwards you won’t be able to grip or hold anything. Once you become proficient start hanging with a backpack full of books on your back. That will increase the resistance tremendously.

4.Sledgehammer levering

There are many grip demanding exercises you can do with a sledgehammer. All of them usually fall under one common name – sledgehammer levering. Never try advanced sledgehammer drills, if you are not ready. Breaking your head is not the point of it.

Video by: GTSPerformance

5.Hex dumbbell holds

A good way to work on your grip is to hold heavy Hex dummbells for time. You grab a pair of dumbbells by your side and hold them. This will strengthen your fingers in a hurry.

Video by: anwnate

5.Farmers walk

Another effective way to work your grip and forearms are farmer walks. You grab a pair of heavy dumbbells by your side and start walking around. People will look funny at you, but what do they know?

Video by: Performance U

6.Train grip like Bruce Lee

A while ago we presented an article on how Bruce Lee trained his grip. You can try some of his moves.

Video by: Tony Valente

7.Use a bucket of sand to strengthen your grip

An old school way to strengthen your grip would be to do rotations, squeezing and hand opning in a bucked of sand.

Video by: strongergrip

Important tip:
In general, people tend to associate forearm size with grip strength. There is obviously some correlation but what makes your grip truly strong is finger and tendon strength. That’s why powerlifters usually don’t rely much on wrist rollers and prefer direct finger and grip exercises.

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