Dennis Wolf’s Calves – Why Aren’t They Huge?

Dennis Wolf is obviously a gifted bodybuilder. He is wide, tall and has the so-called X-frame. His biggest weakness seem to be the calf department.

If the rest of him is so big, why aren’t his calves huge too?



Genetics are obviously super important in the sport of bodybuilding and if you don’t have the ‘right’ genes for huge calves, you are not going to have well developed lower legs. People like Dennis Wolf have the so-called high calves which means that the Achilles tendon is very long and the muscle bellies are quite short. This limits the potential for growth.

2.Androgens receptors

In general, there is higher concentration of androgen receptors in the upper body. This is mostly true for males and less for females. This factor explains to an extent why one like Dennis Wolf can have a monstrous upper body and weak calves. The lower you go, the less androgens receptors there are. Of course, nothing is written in stone and some people have much easier time developing big legs than upper body mass.

3.Nerve damage

Another factor that may be contributing to Dennis Wolf’s calf size is nerve damage. When a nerve is damaged, it’s hard to activate the muscle completely when it’s under tension. A good example would be Ronnie Coleman who according to the rumors suffered from a nerve damage in his left lat and therefore it was smaller and asymmetrical compared to his right one.


4.Poor training

Of course, another factor that can contribute to poor calf development is poor training. Back in the day Arnold Schwarzenegger used to have weak lower legs and that’s why he was usually taking shots in rivers to hide his weakness.

However, after super heavy calf training with Reg Park he improved his calves to the point where they became a very strong body part of his.

That does not mean that there is a secret routine that would transform Dennis Wolf’s calves into monsters. One would expect that a bodybuilder from his level would have tried everything under the Sun to improve his lower leg development.



5.Calves are not among the ‘marketable muscle groups‘.

There have been many bodybuilding champions with weak calves besides Dennis Wolf. Even Ronnie Coleman himself didn’t have the best set of calves. However, that did not stop him from being good enough for 8 Mr. Olympias in the eyes of the judges who seem to not care so much about calf muscles.

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