Daniel Blackwell Is On Steroids?

The fitness model Daniel Blackwell is a member of the so-called aesthetic crew. He has a ripped physique and is featured on many bodybuilding and fitness sites. According to his profile on simplyshredded.com he has the following body stats:

Daniel Blackwell Is On Steroids?

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Height: 6’1” – 185 cm
Weight: 200 lbs – 91 kg
Body fat: 5-7%;

The data above gives us a strong reason to believe that Daniel Blackwell is not natural and is relying on anabolic steroids to maintain his physique.

Being 200 lbs – 91 kg at such a low body fat equals serious physical development. A quick run of a popular search engine reveals that Daniel Blackwell is about as big as the bodybuilding icon Serge Nubret, who most of his career was about 200lbs at 6′. This means that Daniel Blackwell has almost identical stats to one of the best bodybuilders on the planet.

It’s a well known fact that every bodybuilder with an IFBB status is on steroids. If you are truly natural, you are never going to be on the level of the professionals athletes you see on the covers.

Natural bodybuilders like to brag about how they have really good genetics for the sport but the truth is that often their genetics are actually average at best and they are on gear to maintain their current supposedly natural body.

If you are a drug free bodybuilder who is as big as former IFBB pros, you should on theory be able to shock the world after taking steroids and competing with the big boys. Rarely, if ever, we have the chance to see a famous natural athlete become a full blown steroid abuser and Mr. Olympia contender.

What’s the secret?

Daniel Blackwell, as well as the rest of the aesthetic lifestyle supporters, are deceiving the unaware public. You see them pumping in the gym, flexing, screaming and you think to yourself: “If I do what they tell me, I will be huge.” You do it and you never get to that level regardless of your efforts. You are either too fat, too small or in most cases both. You desperately measure your arms every week or so, only to find out they’re either the same or you’ve added some millimeters along with 2 inches to your gut. Once you’ve reached that level you ask yourself: what’s the secret? Why isn’t it happening for me? I work so hard.

If you are reading this page, you probably already know why you don’t look like Daniel Blackwell. Mr. Good Genetics is just another drone on steroids. However, it’s not him to blame nor the others who do the same in order to promote gimmicks. It’s the system that requires people to lie in order to make a few bucks.

The best way to control the masses is to give them the wrong formula time after time. The world is already so deep into the hole, that even if the truth was made public, nobody would listen. We don’t want to believe that the world doesn’t exist the way we know it. We want to keep on scrolling those Facebook news feeds while labeling as ‘hater’ anybody who is willing to think differently and fights against the MATRIX.

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