Connor LaVallie – Natty Or Not?

Connor LaVallie claims that he is a natural bodybuilder. But in this day and age you can’t trust anyone. The truth never comes to you. You are the one that has to go out and find it. Always do your own research when you want to know the real secret. In the case of Connor LaVallie there are a few factors you have to keep in mind when making your decision whether he is natty or not:

1.Connor LaVallie has unreal conditioning and looks composed in PhotoShop;

Connor La Vallie Steroids


The physique presented by Connor LaVallie is extremely conditioned. He has striations all over his body – even his glutes. At the same time he looks full. True natural bodybuilders look depleted when they are in such lean state. The lesser the bodyfat, the harder it is to maintain muscles mass. Connor LaVallie does not have that problem – he is dry and complete.

2.Connor LaVallie compares well to former Mr.Olympias;

According to Connor LaVaille weights 228 lbs (103 kg) at 6’3” (190cm). In comparison Arnold Schwarzenegger won Mr. Olympia 1980 weighting 220lbs (100 kg) at 6’2” (188cm). Obviously, the bodyweight of the two athletes is quite low, although there is no precise way to measure it.

Note: During the Golden Era steroids were widely spread and a simple prescription was enough to get you the desired dose. Mike Mentzer, Franks Zane, Arnold and all famous pros were taking them like candies. Doctors were not exactly aware of the dangers and were giving prescriptions for simple reasons such as: “I want to get bigger for football.”

To summarize: The LBM* of Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1980 and Connor LaVallie at 5% BF compare as follows.

*LBM – the percentage of total body mass that is lean (muscle, bones, water, organs..etc.);

Arnold: 209 lbs (95 kg) {95 % of 220lbs};
LaVaille: 216 lbs (98.5 kg) {95% of 228lbs};

So, Mr.Natural Bodybuilding has 7 lbs more LBM than Arnold in 1980. How come natural bodybuilders look like former Mr.Olympias? What kind of protein and creatine are they taking? Or maybe the secret is in the pre-workout supplements? Give me a break.

Similar to Lazar Angelov, Adam Charlton, Simeon Panda, Layne Norton, CT Fletcher, Kali Muscle, Dave Goodin and many more questionable naturals Connor LaVallie is one the few who are able to reach the level of muscular development in the 70s “naturally”.

Makes you wonder…if you can look like LaVallie naturally – why even bother taking steroids in the first place? If food and training can help you advance so much, why risk it?


Q: Why would Connor LaVallie deny steroid usage?

A: It’s simple: steroids are illegal and if you are an official user, you risk losing contracts with supplement companies. You could read more about why bodybuilders deny steroid usage in the article: Why Do IFFB Pro Bodybuilders Deny Steroid Usage

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  1. Gangster warrior

    You hardly presented any evidence to call this guy a drug user. The guys photo is edited which makes it harder to tell if his body fat %. Thirdly the guy is inch taller than Arnold which is in his advantage. Now I am not saying he is natty…however it be more appropriate and present scientific literature to support your theory especially on the topic of muscle growth cause I can’t recall you presenting more than one study looking at natural potential…

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