Christian Thibaudeau – Steroid User and Snake Oil Salesman?

Christian Thibaudeau works for the “muscle worship” website He claims he has built his physique without the use of anabolic steroids. Many unaware teenagers believe that they can build a body similar to the one of Christian Thibaudeau without using drugs. They go to and buy all the supplements pushed in their face in the hope to become a monster. But is it even possible to build the physique of Christian Thibaudeau naturally?

Christian Thibaudeau is on steroids.

Natty ?


5′ 9″ (175 cm)


205+ lbs (93 kg)



In order to see whether Christian Thibaudeau is natural we will compare him to a well known steroid user from the 70s – three times Mr. Olympia Frank Zane.

Zane competed in an era when quality steroids were widely available in the U.S. It was easy to get a prescription. Bodybuilders like Zane, Arnold, Mentzer…were all taking Dianabol (anabolic steroid) like candies.

In his prime Frank Zane had the following stats:

Christian Thibaudeau is on steroids

Competition weight:

185lbs (83kg)


5’9” (175cm)



As you can see Christian Thibaudeau a.k.a. Mr. Natural has 20 lbs (10 kg) of muscle more than Frank Zane. They are both the same height and body fat.

How come natural bodybuilders are getting bigger than former Mr. Olympias? What’s their secret?

We all know it’s NOT just protein and creatine.

Let’s compare Christian Thibaudeau to another bodybuilding icon – the legendary french bodybuilder Serge Nubret:


The stats of Serge Nubret during his prime were:

Competition weight:

200lbs (91kg)


6′ (182cm)



So, Mr. Natural Christian Thibaudeau is 5 lbs (2.2 kg) heavier than Serge Nubret and 3 inches shorter. If we compare the LBM* of the two athletes we will see the following:

*LBM – the percentage of total body mass that is lean (muscle, bones, water, organs..etc.);

Christian Thibaudeau: 195 lbs (88 kg) – {95% of 205 lbs}
Serge Nubret: 190 lbs (86 kg) – {95% of 200 lbs}

Serge Nubret has 5 lbs less LBM than Christian Thibaudeau, but keep in mind that he is also significantly taller. This means the actual percentage of muscle is even less.

How on earth is Christian Thibaudeau able to have so much more mass than such legendary bodybuilders?

He is simply not ****.


Q: Why would be Christian Thibaudeau claim he is natural when he is clearly not?

A: Simply put to make money. He makes tons of cash from ignorant bodybuilders who go to the T-Nation website and buy all the bogus supplements there, hoping that they will get “cut and jacked”. That never happens. They are just taking your hard earned money. It’s a simply a scam. Quite similar to the scam of Mike Chang.

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Q: Christian Thibaudeau says he can’t take steroids because of heart problems. Why would he take steroids and risk his health?

A: How do you know he has heart problems? Because he told you so? The truth is that we don’t know. How are people oversea going to know whether that’s true or not. It’s impossible. The physique of Christian Thibaudeau takes a lot of drugs. He is not just on steroids.

You have to understand that people are willing to do everything for money – telling lies is one of those things. It’s a carefully elaborated scam.

Back in the day T-Nation used to post fake interviews in order to attract visitors. They even made up an interview with Mike Mentzer.

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