Is Christian Guzman a Natural Bodybuilder?

Christian Guzman is a fitness model from the U.S. with a pretty decent physical development and strong online presence. The question is, can you build a physique similar to his without the use of anabolic steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs (PED)?

How big is Christian Guzman?

According to Christian Guzman’s profile on he is 6’0″ –  182 cm @ 160 lbs – 72 kg @ 6%BF. If those stats are correct, Christian Guzman is 24 lbs – 10 kg under what our guide for natural bodybuilders predicts for his height.

In that case,  the mass of Christian Guzman is 100% achievable naturally by most people. There are even some genetic freaks who may be able to push the limits even further.

So, you can be as big as Christian Guzman naturally. Does this mean he is natural?

There is no real way of knowing when similar physical development is presented since it’s not over the norm for natural bodybuilders. However, this does not mean that Christian Guzman is natural. We won’t be surprised at all if he isn’t 100% clean.

What about Christian Guzman’s conditioning?

At that weight and height, it’s not impossible to present supreme conditioning. Getting to 6% BF naturally is possible, although it’s quite hard to maintain.

What about the Photoshop look?

In many photos Christian Guzman has the Photoshop look. For example, in the picture below Christian Guzman looks way bigger than 160 lbs. He holds his ground next to Chris Jones from Physique of Greatness who is not only shorter but also heavier than Guzman. However, in many of his other photos and especially videos Christian Guzman looks like a natural bodybuilder/fitness model.

Is Christian Guzman A Natural Bodybuilder?

So, can I achieve the body of Christian Guzman naturally?

Yes, you can build a physique similar to this naturally. It will require decent eating and a solid program free of gimmicky exercises. Most people will have a hard time maintaining 6% BF unless they have good genetics for staying lean.

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