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Should Lance Armstrong Lose His Medals Because Of Steroids?

A while ago Lance Armstrong admitted to steroid and other performance-enhancing drugs (PED) usage in front of Oprah and everybody started going crazy over how he is the biggest cheater ever. Nice, except that you are not aware of the whole picture. Everybody involved in professional sports knows that all competitors are actually using steroids […]

Professional Bodybuilders Just Suck At Pull-ups

There is no doubt that professional bodybuilders just suck at doing pull-ups. Most of the time they do partial reps and count them for complete repetitions. What’s up with that? Why can’t those ‘gorillas’ just pull themselves up the bar? 1.Bodybuilders are heavy as hell. Most of the famous bodybuilders are heavy as hell. In […]

Smith Machine Deadlift – Is It Effective?

The Smith Machine was invented in 1950s by “the godfather of fitness”  Francois Henri “Jack” LaLanne. Today, it’s widely used and pretty much every commercial gym has one. Unfortunately, most people do it completely wrong. The common mistake is to do the wrong exercises on the smith machine. It’s like putting an Intel processor in AMD […]

Was Reg Park A Natural Bodybuilder?

Reg Park was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s idol and mentor. Park served as an inspiration to Arnold who became the most popular bodybuilder on planet Earth. Due to the fact that Reg Park competed about 50 years ago many people use him as an example of what can be achieved naturally without the usage of anabolic steroids. […]

Deload – The Key To Successful Bodybuilding Routines

In order to progress in the world of bodybuilding you have to continuously add weight to the bar and challenge yourself. If you always lift the same weight, you will stay at the same place. To get to new levels of strength and muscle mass you have to improve. However, it’s not as simple as […]

Training Full Body With Calisthenics?

It may surprise but you can get pretty big by lifting your own bodyweight during exercises such push-ups, pull-ups, dips… In the post “Reach Your Muscular Potential With Bodyweight Exercises” was explained why bodyweight exercises are very effective and can actually help you reach your maximum muscular potential as a natural bodybuilder. Today we are going to […]

Rich Piana’s Arms – Synthol or Muscle?

Who’s Rich Piana? Rich is a genius entrepreneur a retired mass monster weighing between 250-275 lbs a YouTube guru a muscle authority of the highest order a truth-seller a muscle-wizard a muscle-chakra fixer but before all… he is an idol of many naive souls trying to make sense of life through a perpetual construction of thicker muscle fibers. Rich’s […]