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Weights Don’t Build the Confidence That You Think They Do. Fists Are Better.

| August 5, 2019 by Truth Seeker |

A couple of years ago, I was watching Olympic boxing with a guy conducting himself as a professor in everything. The category was 135lbs. He started laughing at the fighters for being skinny and light. I understand why. He is tall and has a large frame. The only way for him to weigh 135lbs would be an illness.   Yet I said: “If one of them […]

A Hater’s Synthesis II is ready.

| May 24, 2019 by Truth Seeker |

Hello, The book A Hater’s Synthesis II: No More Dreams is now complete. You can learn more about it here.

Why 5×5 Is Still an Overrated, Overhyped “Good Cop” Routine

| December 7, 2018 by Truth Seeker |

5×5 routines are supposed to be the cure for hungry naturals. They patch all the bugs that the bro splits have left behind. They are so good that if they were drugs, they would be illegal. Hence they are even better than drugs because they don’t have any side effects. You just do them and […]

9 Brutal Lies That Bodybuilders On Steroids Will Repeat Forever

| November 20, 2018 by Truth Seeker |

The envelope of the system often changes its color, but the underlying mechanisms remain the same as they exploit constants like the human nature. A poorly planned modification of the main blueprint can cut the juice to the money printer. Hence the old comics selling you push-ups on a chair and chest expanders as a […]

10 Weird and Nasty Things About Bodybuilding That People Rarely Talk About

| September 13, 2018 by Truth Seeker |

Muscle construction was once considered a niche for insecure men without a father figure. The storyline has changed. Now lifting is one of the neurotypical activities that even the hot and popular engage in. The fight against gravity symbolizes the modern struggle to ascension and manliness. For that reason, the bodybuilding theme often finds itself […]

Vegan Bodybuilders – Do They Take Steroids?

| August 14, 2018 by Truth Seeker |

The army of vegan bodybuilders has been increasing quickly. More and more fighters against atrophy are switching to plant-based fuel. One of the main traits characterizing the herb squad is the extra purity associated with the vegan label. The mainstream machine has convinced everyone that vegans are extremely compassionate individuals. If someone’s a vegan, he […]

Training Focus II – More Routines, More Salt

| July 31, 2018 by Truth Seeker |

Training Focus II is the second book from’s series dedicated to the lifting aspect of the muscle game. It comes with more routines and essays on the iron world. The goal of the book is to reduce the fog and unrealistic expectations created by mainstream outlets focusing on quantity and repetition serving the main […]

The Inability To See That Your Desires Cannot Manifest

| July 6, 2018 by Truth Seeker |

When it comes to success, the 95/5 rule applies – only 5% of the population is successful. The rest 95% are servants/tech support/valets ensuring the existence of the world as you know it today. You may be reluctant to believe me, and I understand why – the megaphones called media only talk about the 5%. […]

The Art of Subtle Juicing You Don’t Have To Be BiG To Be On Steroids

| May 21, 2018 by Truth Seeker |

“There are no indications that he is on steroids,” wrote the dreamer with angry fingers stabbing the keyboard. In his mind, the body trapped in the digital pixels on the screen was “as natural as natural gets”. The delts were not reminiscent of 3D towers. The traps were not climbing all the way to the […]

The 10 Stages Of Delusion That Natural Bodybuilders Go Through To See The Truth

| April 13, 2018 by Truth Seeker |

The apprentices in the field of muscle construction pass through 10 stages before learning the truth about the industry. Each phase exposes the purposeful obscurity in the modern world, our naivete, desires and reaction to reality. Stage 1: Amazement There are things that you crave just because they are “amazing”. You don’t bother looking for […]