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A Hater’s Synthesis – Coming soon Table of contents

Below you will find the table of contents of the new book called A Hater’s Synthesis. There may be removed or added material. It’s coming soon. Thank you for the interest and support. Part 1: Mu$$le How to Play the Game — Brotherhood of Mu$$le — and Win How To Become a Real Lifter [Unconventional guide] The […]

Police Propaganda In Modern TV Shows

Some time ago I watched an episode of the TV series The Mentalist. There was a short dialogue between an FBI agent and a potential witness of a crime, which got my attention. The dialogue turned out to be part of season 7, episode 1 and goes like this: Agent Kimball Cho, FBI: I understand […]

Pain Free: How To Warm Up Properly For Maximum Strength

Warming up is an important part of your lifting routine. The main goal of the activity is to prepare you mentally and physically for heavy lifting. To tell you the truth, quite often the need for warm-up is much more emotional and CNS related rather than physical. So, how do you warm-up properly for maximum […]

The Types Of ‘Brahs’ You Meet On and especially the forum section allows you to meet all kinds of fascinating people a.k.a. ‘cool brahs‘. We have classified the members of the forum in a few different groups according to their primary behavior and goals. 1. The ‘I Want to Build Muscles Like Brad Pitt from Fight Club’ brahs General characteristics  The ‘I […]

The Evolution Of The Bodybuilding Thong

Bodybuilding is one of the few competitive activities which require men to wear scanty underwear in order to have a chance to win. Obviously, the whole point of only wearing male thongs a.k.a. posing trunks is to allow the judges to evaluate the level of muscular development you have. In this article we are going to explore […]

Bodybuilding Magazines – Why People Just Don’t Read Them

Bodybuilding magazines have been reporting decreasing popularity for a long time. There are four main reasons for this phenomenon the Internet, lack of new content, tons of advertisement and of course the lies and deceit. THE INTERNET The Internet has improved a lot over the last few years and more and more people are starting […]

Frank Medrano – Can You Build His Physique Naturally?

Frank Medrano is among the most popular bar athletes a.k.a. bodyweight training specialists on the Internet. He resides it the U.S. and carries one of most shredded physiques you are likely to see. Frank Medrano made it happen, but can you follow his steps naturally without using anabolic steroids? Can you build a body like […]