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The Calisthenics Illusion: Bodyweight Exercises Won’t Make You Super Big

Calisthenics training is enjoying enormous amount of fame. Popular bar athletes such as Lazar Novovic, Hannibal For King, Adam Raw, LittleBeast and many more are considered to be Gods among men and enjoy great attention on sites like Facebook, Twitter and especially Instagram. Their followers aspire to develop similar bodies by having fun on the […]

Fake Natural Bodybuilder Exposes the Industry Part 2

Six months ago I posted an interview with a fake natural bodybuilder undercover. His nickname is Mr. Trenbolone. Today, I present you another quick chat with him. Note: The material below contains explicit content. Q: How are you Mr. Trenbolone? Still big and shredded? A: Yes. I had a minor setback, but it is all fine […]

Visualization for Bodybuilding? Sorry! It does not work.

The idea that you can visualize your way to success is not a new one, but over the past few years it has gained tremendous popularity because of books such as the “The Secret” and other sense deprived mainstream propaganda. The idea is simple: you are your thoughts and therefore you can achieve almost anything […]

Is The Logo Of the IFBB Derived From Freemasonry?

There are two types of Freemasons – dark and light.  The dark masons use their power and knowledge to enslave the world through various forms of mind control whereas the good masons want to free themselves and others from the chains of spiritual slavery. Whatever the case is, however, there is no doubt that members of […]