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Can Strength Training Replace The Use Of Steroids In Sports?

Reading the crazy ideas pushed by fitness experts can be an amusing experience. In one of his articles on S-Nation, the godfather of low bar squats, Mark Rippetoe, expressed his strong belief that strength training can stop the use of steroids in sports. He wrote: “Athletes take steroids to get stronger. That’s the only reason […]

Muscle Imbalances: Tips and Tricks to Avoid Overthinking

Paralysis by analysis and overthinking are quite common for the lifting community. My lifting background says that the less experienced you are, the more you think about issues that do not really make a big difference. Back in the day, I used to suffer from wrist/elbow/forearm pain. I had an overuse injury that one calls tendonitis. This made […]

Powerlifting Weight Classes: Delusional Expectations

What makes heavy athletics different than track-and-field? The athletes are divided into weight classes. Why? It’s simple: bigger man lift heavier weights, at least on paper. The main thing that determines your weight class is your height. Somebody who is 6′ tall cannot compete as a lightweight, but somebody who is 5’5″ will fit there […]

Are Olympic Weightlifters on Steroids? Of course, they are.

On this site I have written a lot of posts on steroid usage in bodybuilding and powerlifting, but there is another sport which is also part of the golden trinity of drug based physical activities – Olympic weightlifting. Olympic weightlifters rely on steroids just as much powerlifters, albeit they probably do not reach the absurd amounts […]

Getting Ripped: What Boxers Can Teach Us about Getting Shredded

“How much do you weigh?” is a popular question in commercial gyms, which have become the Coliseum of the modern Western world. People always try to increase that number, so that random strangers can be impressed. You will notice that during the winter season nobody sees a problem in boosting his official weight adopted from […]

Are The Olympic Lifts Muscle Builders? Can you gain slabs of muscles by doing the clean & jerk?

Some Olympic weightlifters have thick physiques that make the muscle worshipers envious. As a result, many muscle constructors begin to incorporate the Olympic lifts in an attempt to gain some of that “Oly” mass. However, are the Olympic lifts efficient muscle builders? Olympic Weightlifting Is A Hip Dominant Sport Both Olympic lifts are hip and back dominant. That’s why most Oly […]