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Big Biceps and Their Psychological Effects On People Flex for me, baby!

The biceps hysteria is a very interesting phenomenon that could tell us volumes about the modern society. It all started many years ago in the early days of muscle branding when the photos were still black and white, and the special effects were limited to lighting, angles, and posing. Then Arnold took it to the next level with […]

Don’t Wait For The Sunny Days. Embrace The Rain.

The first 4 days of this week were windy, rainy and cold for the beginning of April. Every day I would go out, feel the cold and complain to myself how tired I am from the long winter. “Where’s my Sun,” I would say to myself like nature cares about my wishes. This left me […]

Stories From The Gym: The First Time I Saw a Real Steroid User

At the time of this story, I was a naive skinny boy serving a sentence in a dirty basement gym. My training facility was a trash bin, but it gave me the chance to witness some rather grotesque events that shaped my lifting ideology. This was the place where I saw an obvious steroid user for the first […]

Visualization for Bodybuilding? Sorry! It does not work.

The idea that you can visualize your way to success has regained popularity thanks to self-improvement books like “The Secret” and other mainstream propaganda. The notion is simple: you are your thoughts, and therefore, you can achieve almost anything you think of. Sounds nice and feels like a brain candy for the masses, but for […]

Can Hard Physical Labor Build Huge Muscles?

Shortly after joining the world of muscle construction, many people develop a muscle evaluation OCD. We start judging the physical development of the people we meet. Most of the victims that go under the scanner do not even lift, but we evaluate their muscles regardless. Thoughts such as: “The delivery guy has nice arms but weak calves.”, “Good arms […]