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A reader sent me a message regarding a 90-day transformation of a YouTube superstar known as fouseyTUBE. I did some research on this guy, since he was unknown to me, and found out that he is one of the individuals on top of YouTube’s food chain. The man is currently sitting at about 6.7 million […]

Can Strength Training Replace The Use Of Steroids In Sports?

Reading the crazy ideas pushed by fitness experts can be an amusing experience. In one of his articles on S-Nation, the godfather of low bar squats, Mark Rippetoe, expressed his strong belief that strength training can stop the use of steroids in sports. He wrote: “Athletes take steroids to get stronger. That’s the only reason […]

How Do True Natural Bodybuilders Look At 5% Bodyfat

How do natural bodybuilders look when they are 5% bodyfat, ready for a bodybuilding or fitness contest? It’s going to hurt! Get ready! They look like insects who can be taken by the wind. That’s a fact that many are not willing to accept because of media brainwash and the false hope floating in the […]

Is Bodybuilding a Real Job?

Bodybuilding thongs on the bed, steroid needles on the night stand, used bottles of testosterone on the ground, viagra and a plastic trophy on the book shelves – this is how the hotel room of Riki Pianola, a middle-aged heavyweight bodybuilder, was arranged. After taking a shower Riki stared at his reflection in the mirror […]

Who Is Going To Win Mr. Olympia 2015?

During his routine break at 3 p.m. Harry, better known online as TheBicepsFLEX-Killa. decided to sign in to Instagram and check the new posts of his favorite bodybuilders. Harry was a hardcore bodybuilding fan reading muscle magazines constantly. He was sucked deep into the muscle illusion and believed most of the fairy tales written in […]