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Are Fitness Models On Steroids Living The Ultimate YOLO Life?

A reader asked me: Do you think the fitness models are as happy as they look in videos? I couldn’t find a definite answer to this question without waking up the schizo in me. The first personality was a supporter of modern fitness models and said: The trendy fitness models enjoy lifestyles much greater than […]

How Strong Can Steroids Make You?

The text that is about to follow has not been written by a delusional permabulker. Sorry. Some lifters downplay the role of muscle drugs so much that ignorant people start wondering whether a baby Aspirin could produce steroids like results. As you may be able to guess, most of the time those lifters are nothing […]

Mr. Olympia 2015: Was Phil Heath’s Victory Deserved?

At the end of July I predicted in this post that Mr. Phil Heath is going to win Mr. Olympia 2015. It happened today. Question is, was his victory deserved? Is he truly the best thong warrior in the world? Same competitors (almost), same judges, same weaknesses, same strengths, same politics….SAME results. The answer this […]