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Do You Need a Belt To Deadlift Safely?

Back in the day many of the so-called strength training novices started using weightlifting belts during squats and deadlifts under the influence of Mark Rippetoe and his puppies that later on branched out and developed the 70sbig fetish. According to those individuals the weightlifting belt gives you ”an anchor to push against with your abs” during […]

How To Increase Your Bench Press As Fast As Humanly Possible

Calm down. I am not going to show you a mystic way to boost your bench press and become one of the online celebrities lifting trucks in popular online videos. I used this title to grab people’s attention in order to present the reasons why I believe most bench press routines promising big numbers fast […]

Can You Build a Big Back Without Deadlifts and Pull-ups?

The answer to this is question is simple: “Yes, dummy. You can build a bigger back without ever doing deadlifts or pull-ups.” There may be things in life that are mandatory, but doing deadlifts and pull-ups isn’t one of them. The industry, which is supported by corrupt media spreading politically correct information, has convinced many […]

Bodybuilding Fits Well Into The World Of Consumerism and Materialism

When people discuss the current Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath, I don’t think about training, muscles or aesthetics. All that comes to my mind are his ridiculous juvenile posts on Instagram praising Gucci garbage and custom sneakers made for clowns. This thinking often leads me to a critical question – how does bodybuilding fit into the […]