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“How To Build Arm Muscle” – The Way

The text that’s about to follow is going to cause a stream of hate. You will hate me so much that you may even consider breaking the computer monitor. Since I don’t really care about the future of your monitor I will continue to write. Let’s get straight to the point. You want to have […]

Zyzz – Inspiration Or Victim Of Our Environment?

Aziz Shavershian, better known as Zyzz, is a modern day legend of the muscle world. His fitness journey left a deep trace in the hearts of many “brahs”, trying to make sense of this world by building thick muscle fibers. What made Zyzz special and popular was his life which at first glance appears to […]

Can Hard Physical Labor Build Huge Muscles?

Shortly after joining the muscle building circle people develop some sort of a muscle evaluation OCD. We start judging the muscles of all individuals we meet. Most of the victims that go under the scanner do not even lift. We evaluate their muscles regardless. Thoughts such as: “The delivery guy has nice arms but weak […]