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Is Bodybuilding a Real Job?

Bodybuilding thongs on the bed, steroid needles on the night stand, used bottles of testosterone on the ground, viagra and a plastic trophy on the book shelves – this is how the hotel room of Riki Pianola, a middle-aged heavyweight bodybuilder, was arranged. After taking a shower Riki stared at his reflection in the mirror […]

A Day In The Life Of An Ectomorph Who Does Not Look Like He Lifts

This story took place in the summer of my high school graduation. I was in the living room, looking for wisdom in old magazines when my old hammer-proof phone started ringing. The wooden table was vibrating along with it. “Hello! Who is it?” “H! I am calling on behalf of advertising agency CreativeSolutions. We have […]

Who Is Going To Win Mr. Olympia 2015?

During his routine break at 3 p.m. Harry, better known online as TheBicepsFLEX-Killa. decided to sign in to Instagram and check the new posts of his favorite bodybuilders. Harry was a hardcore bodybuilding fan reading muscle magazines constantly. He was sucked deep into the muscle illusion and believed most of the fairy tales written in […]

Bodybuilding Parvenus: Exercises Are Now Brands, Freedom Is Lost

Here’s the situation: two businessmen, each of them with a variation of Christiano Ronaldo’s hair style and loads of dirty money to burn, were in the gym talking about wrist watch brands. On the outside those bozos appeared to be knowledgeable and passionate successful men. However, I knew they were nothing but snobs addicted to […]