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Killing Your Ego in The Gym Die to Live

Some wise men say that in order to start living you have to die first. You have to leave the character assigned to you behind. You have to detach yourself from your corporate name and connect to the real you. You have to become egoless. The question is how? I understand that nobody wants to […]

Are Self-Help Books The Road To Happiness Or a Nasty Fraud?

That day the city was under attack coming from a heavyweight rain playing with everything beneath the clouds. My shoes with holes in the soles reported bankruptcy rather fast. I had to find a place to hide and since I was in the period of your life when shiny shop windows attract you the most, […]

Are Steroids Fast Killers Or a Fountain Of Youth?

The grandfather of Harry TheBicepsFlexKilla died in early December. While the two were not exceptionally close, this tragic event made Harry think of the supposedly mysterious thing we call life. Harry’s grandfather was a decent man, but he was also a classic victim of the system. He had to work his entire life to pay […]

The True Meaning Of ”Do You Even Lift, Bro?”

The question ”Do you even lift, bro?” can kill people. When muscle addicts hear it, something in them breaks as if sand has seeped into the main mechanism. The system immediately switches to hell mode and starts producing self-destructing cells. It’s a like a demon takes over. The eyes change too. They fill with desire […]