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How To Get Big Arms FASTER!!!! Give me a break.

The ”how-to-get-big-arms-fast” drama is the muscle equivalent of the modern ”how-to- get-rich-quick” mentality frequently seen in our world infected by the false belief that the mainstream media can provide a solution to all troubles. Honestly, I am quite tired of seeing the same thing over and over again. Just a few days ago S-Nation productions came up with […]

Are Steroids Fast Killers Or a Fountain Of Youth?

The grandfather of Harry TheBicepsFlexKilla died in early December. While the two were not exceptionally close, this tragic event made Harry think of the supposedly mysterious thing we call life. Harry’s grandfather was a decent man, but he was also a classic victim of the system. He had to work his entire life to pay […]

How To Program and Improve Your Weighted Pull-ups

Here’s a basic plan that will build your weighted pull-ups to something respectable like 50% BW (pull-ups with added weight equivalent to ½ of your bodyweight). Related article: The Most Complete Pull-up Tutorial On The Internet Step 1: Get your bodyweight pull-ups to 12-15 reps; The first step of the plan is to get your […]

Gym Membership Scams: How The Greedy Gym Owners Steal From You

90% of the posts on this site contain a sentence with the following meaning: ”The media is brainwashing people.” While this is a crucial wheel of the mechanism, it’s not the only part of the equation. There is another silent member of the muscle mafia – the greedy gym owners. Those individuals are taking a […]

The True Meaning Of ”Do You Even Lift, Bro?”

The question ”Do you even lift, bro?” can kill people. When muscle addicts hear it, something in them breaks as if sand has seeped into the main mechanism. The system immediately switches to hell mode and starts producing self-destructing cells. It’s a like a demon takes over. The eyes change too. They fill with desire […]