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How Strong Can Steroids Make You?

The text that is about to follow has not been written by a delusional permabulker. Sorry. Some lifters downplay the role of muscle drugs so much that ignorant people start wondering whether a baby Aspirin could produce steroids like results. As you may be able to guess, most of the time those lifters are nothing […]

How To Barbell Row With Proper Form For Maximum Lat Activation

The barbell row may not be a difficult exercise to learn but still deserves some special attention because many individuals, who have not developed proper back awareness, look like a camel rubbing its groin area into a stainless steel bar when doing the movement. Loading the barbell The first step of a properly perform barbell […]

How To Get Big Arms FASTER!!!! Give me a break.

The ”how-to-get-big-arms-fast” drama is the muscle equivalent of the modern ”how-to- get-rich-quick” mentality frequently seen in our world infected by the false belief that the mainstream media can provide a solution to all troubles. Honestly, I am quite tired of seeing the same thing over and over again. Just a few days ago S-Nation productions came up with […]