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When Bulking Goes Wrong

A member of under the name of FunnyWeasel  has recently presented his bulking ‘progress’. He went from 185 lbs – 83 kg to 273 lbs – 124 kg. During the bulk the bodybuilder/powerlifer relied on: “hamburgers, chicken patty sandwiches, taco beef, chicken nuggets, fish filet, chicken breasts, popcorn chicken, cheese pizza, pancakes, french toast, eggs, […]

What Were Steve Reeves’ Measurements?

Steve Reeves was one of the most popular bodybuilders in the world. He had a classic physique and a great movie career. Many people consider him the king of aesthetics and aspire to have his physical development. Due to the large interest in Steve Reeve’s body people are interested in knowing his measurements. According to […]

What Was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Best Bench Press?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the most popular bodybuilder on the planet thanks to being Joe Weider’s wonder boy and having a political career. He had a classic physique with his chest and biceps standing out the most. Prior to Arnold’s era bodybuilders have never seen such chest development. Accidentally or not this was also the time […]

Podcast with Christopher Sommer by Barbell Shrugged

Christopher Sommer a.k.a Coach Sommer is a gymnastic coach from the USA who got particularly famous for his articles on planches and front levers originally published by He is also the the author of many books dedicated to gymnastic training which can be found on the website: The video below is a podcast by […]

Lu Xiaojun Performs Heavy (260kg) Paused Squat

In the video below the Chinese weightlifter Lu Xiaojun  performs heavy 260 kg / 572 lbs paused high-bar squats.  He is an Olympic champion and three time world champion. As well, he is the current world and Olympic record holder for both the snatch and the total in the 77 kg category. His world records are 176 […]

Arms – Bodybuilders’ Biggest Obsession

Bodybuilders are obsessed with arm size. They measure their arms at least one time a day. It’s their favorite part of the day. Even if your arms are just 0.1 mm bigger it’s still enough to make your day. Why is that? Why are arms so important to bodybuilders? why are people so scared of […]

Is The Powerlifter Dan Green Natural?

A lot of people aspire to have to so-called “power look” presented by powerlifters such as Dan Green. He has a very thick and powerful physique that just screams: “Strength!” However, many uninformed beginners tend to believe that they can achieve similar muscular development naturally – without the use of anabolic steroids. Unfortunately, this is […]