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The Truth About Casey Butt’s Natural Potential Formula

Casey Butt has become quite popular on the Internet for spreading his formula estimating the maximum muscular potential a natural bodybuilder can achieve. While it seems all nice and sexy, the truth is that his formula has one large flaw – the data is based on bodybuilders who actually used anabolic steroids. Casey Butt based […]

Does Lifting Weights Make You A Real Man?

A lot of people equate lifting weights and being a ‘strong motherfucker’ to being a real man but is this really true? Does pumping iron really makes you a real man? Hmm….how about no? The reason why people believe that lifting weights turns you into a real man is because they associate muscle mass with […]

70’s Bodybuilders Looked Much More Healthy

The bodybuilders from the 70s looked much healthier compared to the modern competitors. The main reason for that hides without a doubt in the steroid protocols back in the day as well as the quality of the gear. While it’s obvious that the bodybuilders from the 70s used high doses of steroids it was much less […]

Example Of How Your Traps Transform On Steroids

Due to the large amount of androgens receptors found in the trapezius muscle they just blow to enormous proportions when people take anabolic steroids. Large traps coupled with 3D deltoids are a sure sign of steroid usage. In the photo below you see the transformation of  Ty Ogedegbe who is very gifted bodybuilder. While Ty Ogedegbe looks […]

The Myth About The Jacked Prisoners

For some reason people believe that going to prison can turn anybody into a muscle man. There are plenty of Hollywood movies showing jacked up prisoners train in the yard. If you pay a little attention, you will see that in most of the movies prisoners are quite big and have impressive physiques that will […]

Does Masturbation Hinder Muscle Gains?

Masturbation is an activity surrounded by legends. We’ve all heard the story of how you can go blind, if you were to play with yourself. Interestingly enough there is a belief that masturbation can actually hinder muscle gains and is somewhat counter productive when it comes to bodybuilding. Is this really the case or are […]

Hugh Jackman – Captain Upper Body

In the movie THE Wolverine (2013) the actor Hugh Jackman displayed some serious upper body development. He showed great vascularity and all the muscles from chest to back were full and meaty. However, Hugh Jackman’s leg development was/is nowhere near his chest and upper arms. Why? Because Jackman is a typical  ‘Captain Upper body’. As you can […]