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Lee Priest Was Natural Until 19 Years Of Age?

In the video below, Lee Priest claims that he was completely natural until 19 years of age when he won Mr. Australia. In case you are wondering, this is how Lee Priest looked at 19 years of age. The combination of extreme Photoshop conditioning and mass make it hard to accept that a human can actually […]

Phil Heath Destroying The Haters Online

A few days ago, Mr. Olympia Phil Heath made a series of childish comments on the Internet regarding the online haters and his competition, namely Kai Greene. Of course, nobody knows for sure whether Phil Heath is truly the person behind the comments, but the fact that he frequently posts selfies on Instagram and Facebooks […]

Can You Look Like Cristiano Ronaldo Without Steroids?

Since the beginning of the World Cup, some readers have been asking me whether it is possible to acquire the muscular development of soccer players naturally. Undoubtedly, one of the men who create the most interest is Cristiano Ronaldo. He has an amazing physique that many recreational bodybuilders would like to match. However, can you […]

The Truth About Casey Butt’s Natural Potential Formula

Casey Butt gained a lot of popularity on the Internet thanks to his formula estimating the maximum muscular potential that a natural bodybuilder can acquire. Unfortunately, the formula has one large flaw – the data is based on bodybuilders who have used anabolic steroids. Casey Butt examined bodybuilding champions between 1947 and 2010 and based […]