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Lee Priest Was Natural Until 19 Years Of Age?

In the video below you can hear one of the most popular bodybuilders, Lee Priest, claim that he was completely natural until 19 years of age when he won Mr. Australia which is national level show. In case you are wondering this is how Lee Priest looked at 19 years of age: We have really […]

Phil Heath Leaves MuscleTech To Start ‘Gifted Nutrition’?

Recently, the current Mr. Olympia Phil Heath left the supplement company MuscleTech which was his sponsor for a long long time. According to the rumors he has started his own supplement company under the name ‘Gifted Nutrition’ coming from his nickname ‘THE GIFT’. Original source:; Why? Our answer: Because it’s always better to work for […]

Phil Heath Destroying The Haters Online

A couple of days ago Mr. Olympia Phil Heath made some pretty childish comments on the Internet regarding the online haters and his competition for the Olympia in the face of Kai Greene. Of course, nobody knows for sure whether Phil Heath is truly the person behind the comments, but the fact that he frequently […]

Can You Look Like Cristiano Ronaldo Without Steroids?

With the current Football World Cup going on in Brazil many of the soccer players are under the spotlight. Of course, the bodybuilding fans usually judge the physique of everyone once the shirt is removed and the popular football/soccer players do not make an exception. What concerns a site like ours is, of course, can […]