Catobophobia – The Constant Fear Of Losing Muscle Mass

Catobophobia is a common trend among muscle building fans. It represents a highly obsessed state and fear of losing muscle mass. It can cause severe side effects and affect negatively the entire lifestyle of the individual suffering from the disease.



– constant need for food;
– insomnia due to the lack of a pre-bed protein shake;
– high intake of bodybuilding supplements;
– enormous financial sacrifices due to the constant pursuit of muscular growth;
– anger against others who prevent you from protecting your muscle mass;
– severe depression when there is no protein in 2 miles radius;

The typical catobophobic could be considered an outsider who has hard time fitting into regular social behavior and groups. For example, doing ‘simple things’ like going to the movies may be problematic because depending on the length of the movie the body may enter into catabolic state without the proper food supply. That’s why unless the catabophobic has preprepared a meal high in protein to be ingested during the prolonged activity there may be consequences. Usually, it’s just anger and in this particular situation it would not be uncommon for the phobic to enter into heated discussion with the staff why they aren’t high protein foods available. While this may seem like a minor problem in 2004 a catabophobic killed the entire staff with popcorns – he made them eat 5 kilograms of popcorn each and everybody died.  At the same time the phobic ate 5 kilograms of clean food high in protein. The goal was to show them that popcorn is not a very healthy food. Since the incident catobophobia entered the medical records as high priority case.


Catobophobia is a perfectly treatable disease at the early stages. People usually report well to so-called Slab By The Obvious Treatment (SBTOT). In other words in many cases people would just get better after their obsession with muscle mass has decreased. Usually that happens after the first six months to two years of training. During that period of time most people see that despite all their efforts they never get the results they want and were promised to achieve by the supplement companies. At that point people are cured although 98.5% of the patients report severe depression due to the shattering of their dreams.

However, due to tragic incidents such as the one presented above the International Federation For Protection Of Muscle Lovers (IFPML) has started a campaign meant to inform the lifting community about Catabophobia. So far there has been severe resistance and many popular bodybuilding magazines and sites have refused to cooperate due to potential damages their businesses can suffer. For that reason those who report symptoms of catobophobia are advised to spend at least 5 minutes a day on independent web-sites revealing the truth about bodybuilding and fitness such as

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