Can You Build The Abs Of a Female Fitness Model Like Dana Linn Bailey Naturally?

The first thing that hits you when you look at female fitness models today is how ”HARD” they look. Why is that? It’s because they are extremely lean. When your bodyfat is low and you have some muscle mass, you represent the ”HARD” muscular look. However, that’s completely unnatural for women who hold more bodyfat than men by default.

Question is, how do female fitness models get ripped lower abs?

I would like to say that it is diet and exercise, but it would be an incomplete answer. The abs you see on female fitness models are very hard to replicate even if your are a man. That’s the truth. I can tell you right now that finding a natural guy with rock solid abs like those of Dana Linn Bailey would be pretty difficult. Having popping lower abs with veins on them is not something naturals can easily achieve without losing a lot of muscle.

The ”secret” is, of course, anabolic steroids. I don’t care how many exercises you do and how much you diet – you ain’t getting those abs the natty way, especially as a woman. Of course, the stupid magazines with red titles will never tell you that because that will slowly put an end to the six pack money fountain. Instead, it’s much better to promote the images of shredded CrossFit females that look bigger than most natural men. I would say that that such photos make 90% of the fitness pictures on Instagram.

Man or woman?

The sad and ironic part starts when real women like those pictures and fight against individuals like me who call out the fake natties. I am talking about politically correct comments such as:

”Those guys don’t know what CrossFit can do for you!” {Really? CrossFit can help you overcome natural laws?}

”Those people don’t know what hard work can accomplish!”

”Haters gonna hate!”

”Never give up, woman! You are natural!”

”The dislike comments are from people who can’t put the cookies down.”

Note: This is exactly what happened when I posted the articles on Miranda Oldroyd and Bailey last year. I was flooded with similar lines coming from angry e-chicks.

This is what I call the happy slave effect – people protect the Matrix with their whole power. Social media amplifies this effect because we have become even more delusional about certain topics. Facebook and its friends have made us all believe that we are superstars with fans. This is also one of the many reasons for the success of similar sites.

At the end, the truth is that those women are on super strong cocktails of anabolic steroids. It’s a public secret and a topic that everybody avoids. The so-called ”gurus” come up with meal plans that are supposed to take you there, but it will never happen because it’s not possible. I can tell you without a doubt that if steroids are removed from the equation, all those rock solid abs will turn into smashed cakes. Meanwhile the gurus will continue to claim that their athletes are natural and avoid taking aspirin.


  1. alpha1

    Most people are brain dead minions who will lap up any story that shows a sub-normal creature (looks, physique, money, power) transformed into a god due to his “hard work” and perseverance.

  2. Derp

    Imagine that. The physiques of these women that I initially thought were “unobtainable” or “unnatural” turn out to be just that. Unless you happen to be on PEDs…

  3. Harris

    No you cant build abs like Dana natural, not even she could and she had to juice.

    Its an insult to the American public for her to claim shes natural. A lot of young girls are going to be starving themselves and herniating some lower discs doing excessive crunches and heavy pull downs trying.

    These natural claims are very liable.

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