Can Natural Bodybuilders Have Ultra Thin Skin?

One of the tell-tale signs of drug abuse among bodybuilders and fitness models is having a thin silk like skin. To understand what I mean by that pinch the skin at the back of your hand. It will be quite slim, even if you are obese. Alternatively, you could do the same with your foot. It’s same thing. Many steroids users have this kind of skin all over their bodies. This is why they look so vascular and resemble an anatomical chart. It’s true that body fat levels have a lot to do with this condition too. The lower your body fat is, the thinner your skin will appear. However, drug users’ skin is on another level and appears to be made out of soft silk.

Frank McGrath showing his paper thin skin; image source:;

Frank McGrath showing his paper thin skin; image source:;

Ironically, this kind of skin condition is also known as “cock-skin”, since the skin of the penis is also as thin as possible. For rather obvious reasons the body will never store any body fat there. Therefore, when you see somebody with decent size and “cock-skin” all over his body, you can be pretty damn sure that his appearance is linked to muscle elixirs, and he is not natural.

Similar look simply cannot happen naturally, at least not when you are holding any kind of appreciable muscle mass on your bones. It’s a state that the body cannot reach without extra support.

Of course, drug abusing bodybuilders will speculate and say that it’s all about dropping your body fat, through proper eating and training, but this is not exactly correct. Yes, it’s true that your skin will become extremely thin and transparent, when you drop to single digit body fats and dehydrate yourself beyond belief, but when naturals drop so low, it becomes apparent how little mass they actually hold. Consequently, they look fragile rather than “hard”. In addition, there are drugs that have direct effect on how your skin looks.

Today, fitness models thrive on that shredded cock-skin look. It’s their trademark. You can’t enter the world of fitness modeling without having it because it has become a standard. This is pretty sad because many uneducated people will either fall for expensive fake dieting programs or jump on the drugs train and damege their health in an attempt to become the next superstar.

Steroid users also have a certain glow to their skin, which I often use to determine whether a person is natty or not. I can’t explain quite what I mean by that, but don’t worry. It becomes quite obvious when you see it.

Back in the day, in the gym where I was training out of nowhere appeared a guy who was incredibly shredded. Ripped lower back, traps, abs…He was well under 10% body fat. However, I knew the guys was natural, because he didn’t have any kind of glow to his skin and was quite small and weak. My guess was that he was a bodyweight/calisthenics guy. Another sign in favor of his quite possible natural status was the lack of muscle thickness. Steroids users who are lean and mean have the total package – paper thin skin all over their bodies, muscle thickness and decent strength.

But, they told me that all I need to acquire such leanness is caloric deficit? They lied?

Of course, they lied. What did you expect anyway? Everything here is pretty much like that. There’s always something that’s omitted from the story. Always. The bank gives you a long contract? Well, I will make it short for you: this is how we are going to screw you.

You know those guys on mainstream talk shows promoting different ways to get rich quick? Do you wonder why they are constantly on TV instead of living the dream? If they are so rich and so successful, why would they waste their time talking to broke losers? Why would they share their powerful secrets with us? Why? Good will, maybe? This is 21st century bro.

Their goal is, of course, not to make you rich, but them. That’s why they sell you all kinds of stupid books telling you how you can buy a helicopter by eating cheaper donuts. In the meantime, they are making sick bank for new sports cars thanks to our sponsorship. It’s the same thing everywhere you look. And the muscle game does not make an exception. However, it’s one of the industries where less people are actually hurt compared to other more mainstream markets zones. Even if we don’t get big by following the training routine of a supposedly natural bodybuilder, at least we are training.

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    Pro bodybuiders, and most amateurs use clenbuterol, a bovine drug prohibited for human beings AND animals by the government. Nothing works as well but it is dangerous. Man, I bet your girl likes you just the way you are now, enjoy that. You are more ripped than 99% of us anyway.

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