Can You Look Like Obi Obadike Without Steroids?

Obi Obadike is a popular fitness model from California. He has a highly aesthetic physique and many men want to look just like him – shredded with some decent amount of muscle. Question is, can you get to that level naturally without muscle enhancing drugs such as anabolic steroids? Is Obi Obadike natural?

How big is Obi Obadike?

The sources that we could find online put Obi Obadike at:

Height: 6’2″ – 188 cm;

Weight: 190 lbs – 204 lbs – 86 kg – 93 kg;

This creates a dilemma for us. The guide we usually follow to determine whether someone is natural or not says that a bodybuilder who is 6’2″ tall can reach about 197-198 lbs at %5 naturally without using steroids. However, that’s only for the really dedicated ones who also have beyond average genetics for bodybuilding. So, if we accept that Obi Obadike is 190 lbs that would make his mass achievable naturally on paper. However, being over 200 lbs is pushing it already. While to some of you the difference of a few pounds may seem small it is not at all. A few pounds of actual real dense muscle is really a lot. For example, advanced athletes can barely gain 2-4 lbs in a year of actual muscle. That’s how much a few lbs are once you are already at the highest peak.

Obi Obadike does not have the typical 3D steroids delts

We’ve analyzed a lot of photos of Obi Obadike and the conclusion is that he does not have the typical 3D steroid delts that so many steroids users spot. While his shoulders are obviously well developed he does not have that armor like look. That is a bonus in our book when it comes to confirming the natural status of an athlete.


Obi Obadike competes among people who are obviously on steroids

The is no doubt that Obi Obadike has competed among athletes on steroids. This is one of the biggest tell signs one can ask for. We all know very well that if a bodybuilder is competing in Mr. Olympia, he is on steroids and many other drugs. There’s no doubt about it and that’s the only to keep up with the competition and reach that level. So, what about fitness modeling?

Most regular readers of are well aware that fitness models take plenty of anabolic drugs such as Trenbolone in order to bring the best package to the stage and make some cash.  That makes us wonder – how can Obi Obadike keep up with the competition? How can you beat steroid users? There are only three options – you are either one of them or you have some of the best genetics in the world or both.

Obi Obadike is making sick improvements after already being a highly advanced athlete

As we’ve already said – the more advanced you are, the harder it is to gain muscle. In this article Lyle McDonalds explain how advanced lifters should be happy with gains in the range of a few pounds  a year. However, in the video below you can hear Obi Obadike report significant improvements made at a somewhat advanced sport age. He says that for the next show he will 7-8 lbs bigger than last year. At the time of the video he was about 35 years old and already training for 19 years. How do you make such drastic improvements naturally when you are already at the top? To be quite honest, only a few options make sense.


We believe that a person who is 6’2″ can be 197 lbs and shredded naturally. It’s possible if you have high end muscle genes, the time and the dedication. However, that does not mean that just about anyone can look like that. Also, maintaining similar top condition for so many years while also building on top of it seems a little too much for us to accept. We are not going to make a definitive statement, but we encourage the readers to go over all the points we made and think for themselves.

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