Can You Look Like Jason Statham Without Steroids?

Jason Statham is one of the most wanted action actors on the planet. He makes many women go ‘wow’ but it’s interesting to point out that there are even more men doing so. Why? Because he has a great build – not too big, not too small and perfectly cut. That’s what most people want to achieve. The steroid bodybuilding look is all gone. So, can you build the physique of Jason Statham without using anabolic steroids?

How big is Jason Statham?

The web-site lists Jasons Statham as:

Weight: 5’10” – 178 cm;

Weight: 172 lbs – 78 kg;

This matches perfectly our guide for natural bodybuilders which has proven to be one of the best steroid detectors. Our observations and analyses of fake natural bodybuilders conclude that a dedicated man can achieve the mass of Jason Statham at 5% body fat naturally.

But who was legs?

The public photos of Jason Statham reveal that he is top heavy or in other words his legs are less developed compared to his upper body – typical Hollywood build right there.

Jason Statham Does Not Look As Impressive In Clothes

Virtually all true natural bodybuilders look like skinny bastards in a T-shirt. They just disappear in clothing and the ‘look at how big I am’ trick does not work anymore. Jason Statham shares the same destiny – in clothes he does not look as large as you might imagine. In fact, he looks like an ordinary man. {surprise, surprise – that’s what he is}

Jason Statham Does Not Have The 3D Photoshop Look


image via:;

In most of the pictures of Jason Statham that we’ve seen he does not have the typical 3D steroid look which is quite common for fake natural bodybuilders who like to profit on people’s ignorance. He is ripped but for the most part he does not possess the technological look that people like Lazar Angelov, Simeon Panda and Kali Muscle have.

Will I look like Jason Statham, if I follow his routine?

Not really. Following the routines of other people won’t somehow transform you into them. Your routines must be built around your needs. What if you can’t physically do the exercises Jason Statham does? What if your body responds differently and you need more rest? What if you can’t afford to follow expensive nutritional plans? What if we told you that most of the time the official routines of celebrities are not real? You can analyze different workout plans and take what’s useful, but don’t expect to find a cookie cutter routine.


We cannot tell for sure whether Jason Statham is natural or not. He does not look so suspicious, but you never know. However, his physique can be achieved naturally without anabolic steroids, if you have favorable genetics, patience and follow a somewhat intelligently created plan.


  1. Glen

    I bet he’s natty. Natty or not, last time I knew you still gotta cut calories to lean out like that. Not the easiest thing to do, but I bet most people could find the will power if they were getting paid as much as he does.

    Plus he’s older and building muscle is quite easy. You’d figure if he’s had his whole life to lift and it only takes a few years of hard work to reach your genetic potential, he’s hat plenty of time to do it.

    If he wasn’t natty he’d be blown up more. I can’t think of any reason why he wouldn’t be.

  2. Glen

    They say 6 lbs per inch. I got in the mid 160’s with abs at 5’9″ and 34 years old, which was 1 inch shorter than Jason Statham. As the above commenter mentioned, yes it does require will power to force yourself to cut the calories as necessary to get that lean. The process is rather simple. I don’t know anyone who likes to cut calories, but if you’ve got the right motivation you can do it.

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