Can Bodybuilding Slow Down the Aging Process? Forever young, forever young...We want to be forever young.

At a certain point most people become very aware of their age and try to hide it by using all possible means. Fear of aging is one of the many reasons exercising is popular. It’s supposed to somehow slow down time and allow you to feel younger a bit longer than a couch potato gets to experience.

However, can bodybuilding really slow down the aging process that significantly or is the effect overblown?


Genetics & Stress 

The biggest aging factors are our genetics and levels of stress. Some people age slower than others thanks to genetic traits. This is an element that cannot be changed and yet is the most important aging cause.

The next variable is more susceptible to human intervention, albeit not that much. Everybody knows a story about someone whose hair got all white overnight after an extremely stressful event such as the loss of a family member. This is one expression of how powerful stress really is. This can be considered the sprint version of aging stress.

The marathon version of stress is found in day to day activities. Every little thing that makes human a bit too worried leads to elevated levels of stress and little by little leads to aging.

Since all ordinary people are forced in a position to only think about survival we get to experience a healthy dose of marathon stress for a very long time. The evil magicians who pull the strings want us in that permanent weakness.

The easiest nation to control is that composed of hungry, stupid, uneducated and overall material citizens. The state wants you to be poor and yet greedy. They want us fighting against each other for each penny in order to buy the production of big corporation whose profit seems to be much more valuable than human life, rights and freedom.

The whole world with only a few exceptions is subject to this particular level of oppression and survival stress. This is also the number one reason people age faster – cause we live our whole lives doing something we hate for people we hate and quite often to buy things we don’t really need, except for the food.

However, even our food choice have been carefully misguided and that’s why people buy 90% garbage when they go to the store. Lollipops, ice cream, candies, fast food…it’s all a scam.

While exercising can help you improve your physical form as well as lower the stress levels, its effect is not significant enough to completely counter the above factors.

You can train all you want but if you don’t have the genetics to age gracefully and worry about every slice of bread you put on the table, the 50s are not going to be the new 40s for you.

Natural Bodybuilding Will Make You Feel Younger

While lifting weights can become quite boring in the long run, it’s also one of the safest sports out there. When you go to the gym you do repetitive actions part of carefully elaborated plan. This makes the margin for error smaller and smaller because the variables are reduced to a minimum.

When you play sports like football you never know what is going to happen. Lifting weights also shares similar characteristics but the room for surprise is many times smaller. After all, it’s a solo sport and you depend mainly on your own choices and decisions. This makes it a great alternative for those looking towards longevity.

There are old people who have been training for decades and continue to do so successfully. I’ve never seen 60 year old active football players but there are a lot of “masters” who continue to put effort into the iron room.

However, there is also another big variable – steroids. Steroids can do both – keep you younger or make you age faster.

When young people between the age of 18-28 start taking steroids often premature aging is observed. There are many young bodybuilders who are barely 20 years old and yet look 30 or more. Those guys usually abuse a lot of substances which fatigues the human body and causes premature aging.

At the same time people who are on TRT for acceptable reasons feel much younger and stronger than they would otherwise be.

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Natural bodybuilder also benefit a lot of from training. Individuals who train intelligently can remain strong and muscular until a very old age. Those people usually suffer a lot less risks of common diseases compared to other old men who smoke all day and play cards on the PC. In that regard bodybuilding truly slows down the aging process, although one should be very careful in order to avoid injuries.

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In conclusion

When regular weightlifting and good nutrition are part of one’s lifestyle the aging process is really slowed. People who train regularly and eat right tend to feel better and healthier.

Unfortunately, this is just a small weapon in the big scheme of things. The real key to slower aging requires improvement of the world outside of the gym.  An hour in the weight room every day represents only a small portion of one’s life.

The world is not a tough place because people don’t workout. The reasons are all the mistakes we make during the remaining 23 hours away from barbells and dumbbells.

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