Can bodybuilders fight? Are Big Muscles Scary?

Without a doubt one of the main reasons why people get involved in the sport of bodybuilding and put effort into building big and muscular physiques is to look intimidating and be able to protect themselves from unwanted attacks.

Can bodybuilders fight? Are Big Muscles Scary?

Few people would be willing to fight Ronnie Coleman in his prime.

Big muscles do look scary and can really keep a lot of potential attackers away from you.

Obviously, smaller nerds with big wallets are better targets than huge bodybuilders who have spend most of their cash on steroids.

What’s the point in fighting those guys with monster arms and big necks when you are not even going to get paid well?

A lot of people classify bodybuilders and guys with big muscles in general as attention seekers and insecure representatives of the human society who desperately want to ‘overcompensate’ for their lack of ‘je ne sais pas quoi’.

The bodies of the muscled guys may be big and strong, but their minds and characters are often soft and fragile. When you kill the main processor everything shuts down.

A lot people whose job is to take care of crazy and aggressive dogs have said many times that the way to neutralize such animals is to kill the mind and behave dominantly. Is it true for big guys too? Can smaller guys take advantage of the inherit mental weaknesses presented by the majority of the muscle men walking around in tank tops and hoping to get noticed by everyone?

In one of his interviews the popular bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno said that according to his observations many bodybuilders have bad relationship with their fathers. The idea that the guys involved in strength and muscle sports have suffered from the lack of a strong masculine figure in their lives is not a new one and seems quite logical given the fact that everything in this life is programmed to seek equilibrium.

Another big problem with bodybuilders is that they don’t actually know how to fight and if a bodybuilder was to a face a professional fighter even from a lower weight class, it would probably turn out ugly.

The real fighters are used to abuse and can tolerate much more pain. They have stronger chins and can take heavy punches while bodybuilders are known to be princesses who are supposed to shine on the stage.

In the video below you see Rich Piana lose a fight to a much smaller guy. This is not a surprise and we don’t want to criticize Piana, but rather just use the clip as an example of how fighting skills can actually overcome the size differences.


…and another example why bodybuilders should not challenge real fighters


Final thoughts 

While it’s obvious why bodybuilders lose to trained fighters regardless of size things are a little different on the street. Truth be told if you are a big bodybuilder, you are unlikely to meet many regular looking guys willing to challenge you.

Just a look at a bodybuilder’s biceps is enough to scare away everybody. Most people don’t know how to fight and neutralize anybody, let alone 220 lbs + mass monsters.

So, yeah! Big muscles do look scary but be careful in front of who you are flexing them!

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