How To Bulk As An Ectomorph?

The people classified as ectomorphs are generally skinny. They are not fat, but not muscular either. Some of them are lean, but others are skinny-fat. Whatever the situations is the goal is always to gain muscle mass and improve your physique.

How do you bulk as an ectomorph is the question?

If you are the classic super skinny and lean ectomorph you just have to train and eat more. There’s nothing more to it. No secret routines, no special diets, no secret books – you just have to follow the good old principles of progressive overload and recovery.

You don’t need fancy programming to build muscle mass as an ectomorph. There are many advanced powerlifters, for example, who use very basic programming and still get ahead. Just stick to the basic and make sure that you are getting stronger. If you always do what you’ve always done, nothing will change. That’s why your program should be designed is such a way that you make progress.

What most ectomorphs have trouble with is the diet. Many of them are used to eating just one waffle a day and wonder why they are so skinny.

You need about 100 grams of quality protein a day and between 2500-3500 calories a day to build muscle as an ectomorph. Of course, this is just a basic guideline and you will have to adjust to your personal caloric needs.

Some of you may be surprised by those numbers because you are used to seeing the recommendations of authors like Mark Rippetoe and other gurus who claim that you need 6 000 calories to gain an ounce of muscle. It’s not true and if you eat that much you will only get fat.

This may sound impossible, if you are just a skinny twink but everybody can get fat. Therefore avoid diets such as the popular One Gallon Of Milk A Day a.k.a. GoMAD. Even if you are a hardgainer you will will still gain fat on it. Which brings us to the next problem – some ectomorphs are not skinny and lean. They are skinny fat.

Ectomorphs who have decently sized bellies are considered skinny-fat. You’re skinny and fat at the same time. You have low amounts of muscle and look skinny overall, but your bodyfat levels are high. If you find yourself in this situation, you have to make a choice – gain muscle or lose fat.

Regardless of what people say you can’t do both at the same time naturally. Sure, if you have just started training it’s possible to do so for a little while, but the magic ends before you know it.

If you were to try to re-composition, the chances of spinning your wheels are tremendous. Choose one of the two – it’s going to suck anyway.

Keep in mind that if you are super skinny and yet skinny fat, the wise choice is to gain some weight even if it also means gaining fat. You have to do what’s healthy and not what the magazines push you into doing.

You can lose bodyfat later, when you don’t look as skinny as Kate Moss anymore.

To summarize: The “ectomorph” should train normally. There are no special routines you need to do as an ectomorph. It’s a misconception, quite similar to the hardgainer myth.

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