6 Benefits Of The Bulgarian Split Squat

1.Unilateral strength

The Bulgarian split squat helps you develop unilateral strength because each side is allowed to work independently. This is very useful for preventing injuries. Many people will find out that when they squat with a barbell one side will always be stronger than the other.

As a result when during heavy sets there’s a tendency to shift to the stronger side. That’s dangerous and will can potentially cause injuries. Dancing around with a heavy barbell on your back is obviously not a joke. You can use supplementary exercises such as the Bulgarian split squat to develop some unilateral strength and reduce the problem.

Video by: Christian Finn;

2.No need for a lot of equipment

All you need to do Bulgarian split squats is a bench, straps and dumbbells. Of course, you can do the exercises without additional weight but once you are over 20 repetitions per set you are essentially doing lower body conditioning work. Nothing bad but keep it in mind if your goal is to develop more strength rather than endurance.

3.No need for a spotter

Most of the leg exercises require you to have a spotter or some sort of safety training apparatus. Luckily, the Bulgarian split squat is not one of those and you can do it safely without a spotter. Never do Bulgarian split squats with a barbell. It’s very dangerous and your knee joint is in danger. Stick to dumbbells and use straps. The goal is to work your legs, not your grip.

4.One of the best glute exercises

Without a doubt the Bulgarian split squat will make your glutes scream for mercy. The stretch is insane and most people are usually super sore in that area the first time they do the exercise.

5.Develop knee stability

The Bulgarian split squat is a good movement to do, if your goal is to improve your balance and knee stability. In fact, you will find out that the exercise actually requires quite a lot of balance. Don’t be surprise, if you fall to the side a couple of times. It happens even to the best.

6.Improve jumping ability

Your jumping is largely dependent on your posterior chain muscles – hamstrings and glutes. The Bulgarian split squats targets those muscle and mimics the starting position of a jump. That’s why many people include it in their ‘jumping routines’.

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