“Building muscle mass fast” – Myth Or Reality?

People want to get things fast. The sooner, the better. There is no time to wait.

Give it to me yesterday, please.

As expected muscle construction does not make an exception. There are a lot of programs that promise fast results, if not instant. They are oriented towards the subconcious mind of the individual which has been programmed by the machine to want everything as quickly as possible.

Ironically, this is also why we never accomplish anything. We want things now so bad that we don’t stick with the plan long enough to make a difference. Even when you’re on the right track you have to wait for the train to arrive where you’re headed.


The more valuable something is, the higher the effort required to achieve it. Since building muscle is something of higher value compared to watching Big Brother, it takes time, and the writers of those get big arms in 24 hours programs can suck it. Similar routines don’t work and never will. It’s all cheap garbage orientated towards the masses who decided to get „ripped” after watching an action movie in which the actor does a few push-ups in the morning. This is fine as a start, but you have to outgrow it in order for bigger and better things to happen. You will never get far in this bodybuilding game, if you fall for the mainstream media explanation of how.

I will tell you how to build muscle mass fast. Get ready. The secret to building muscle mass fast is to not try to build muscle mass fast. Not trying to build muscle fast is suprisingly the best and the fastest way to build muscle. By refusing to fall for the cheap tricks you won’t be wasting your time doing nonsense that gets you nowhere, and those quick solutions are just that: nonsense. If something looks too easy and too good to be true, it doesn’t work and will only distract you from your real path as a muscle constructor. When you are aware of this fact, you will progress as fast as possible. In this case the real shortcut is to not take shortcuts at all.

Another important concept that needs discussion is the fear of being a beginner. We are all afraid of starting new things and being labeled as „noobs”. That’s exactly why we want things fast and whenever we engage in something we ask: „What is the fastest way to get this?” Been there, done that.

Achieving a goal is great, but what’s more important is how you get there. I would gladly make less money doing something that helps me improve as a human being, rather than make tons of cash slaving away day by day. Goals are merely something to aim at. The journey is what builds character. This is where the real reward is. This may be a stupid cliche, but it’s true every time.

Don’t be afraid of being a beginner. Don’t be afraid of taking on a new journey. It’s hard, but harder things tend to produce more valuable results. Goals without lessons are worthless.

When you first get into this muscle building carnaval, there will be a lot of people that will look at you thinking: „What a fucking noob!”. Don’t worry. It’s part of the game. What matters is that you’re doing something you love. Who cares whether you can do 2 pull-ups or 20 pull-ups? As long as you’re doing something that makes your life better and teaches how willing is done, progress and skill level are secondary. Every workout should be taking you one step closer to your goal, but before all it must be another moment of joy in your life.

I can tell you with certainty that if you have no love for what you’re doing, you won’t be any happier when you achieve higher levels of mastery. That’s why so many people who have reached the top in certain field often quit. It looks weird on the outside, but it makes perfect sense inside. Sometimes sacrificing your Queen is what has to be done to win a game.

The older you get, the faster life goes by. That’s because each year becomes a lesser portion of your experience. When you’re 6 years old, a year is a whole 1/6 of your current life. When you are 56, a year is only 1/56 of your experience or a very small portion of the whole movie. To younger and dumber people six months appear to be a lot of time, and that’s why you look for those 2 weeks to thicker pecs routines. What are you rushing for? It makes no difference whether you achieve your goal during the summer or the winter. There’s always something to be done. It never ends. The loop keeps on repeating. We might just as well enjoy the process before meeting our makers.

Remember: you can’t take your squat numbers with you when you’re dead. They stay here, with the flesh. What doesn’t stay here, however, is character improvement which is the only way for humans to get closer to the truth. This is how I look at this world: it’s a nasty school from a cruel horror movie where psycopaths are self-proclaimed heroes.

Forget about fast results and focus on effort and the gains will come quickly. People are often surprised how far you can go when you don’t fall gimmicks and count on solid play. True rewards can never be achieved by cheating. It may appear like it’s possible, but it isn’t. This universe has laws. You can’t get away with no consequences and repercussions. It’s only possible in the fake human world. In the real world, dinner is paid with blood.

Think logically for a second. If becoming strong and muscular was possible to do fast, there would be a lot of strong and muscular people around. Instead, there are a lot of weak and fat people. Not because of age, but because they were trapped by the system which is a leach that always wants to steal everything of value that you have, and leave you on the ground senseless, used and garbage like. If that’s what you’re after, it can truly be achieved fast. It doesn’t even take a lot of effort. Just be stupid and do as you’re told. The boss will love you, but will you love yourself?

In the end, it’s better to stick to the classics. There are new hits today but after 20 years nobody will be remembering them. They will fade away. Gimmicks are just an unnecesseray complication that gets you further away from the road.

Remember: if you want to build muscle mass fast, don’t try. Fast muscle is for suckers.

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