Is Brandon Carter From HighLifeWorkout Natural Or On Steroids? Can you become an aesthetic muscle God without anabolic steroids?

A lot of people have been asking whether Brandon Carter who manages the YouTube fitness channel HighLifeWorkout is natural or on steroids.

According to the information presented in Brandon Carter’s profile on he has the following stats:


Height: 6′ 2″ (188cm);
Weight: 175 lbs (79 kg);
Chest: 40 inches (101 cm);

In our guide for natural bodybuilders we have listed a man who is 6’2″ tall at a maximum bodyweight of 197 lbs (89 kg) in contest condition. If we choose to believe the stats presented by Brandon Carter, he is 22 lbs below the maximum for a natural bodybuilder.

However, when you look at his physique it’s not exactly small. That coupled with the fact that Brandon Carter, supposedly, has a 40 inch chest makes the data a little hard to accept. Therefore, we cannot make definitive statements based on his body stats.

Most people who are 6″2″ will have a 40 inch chest without even training and Carter’s pecs are one of his best body parts. The only way to explain Carter’s small chest measurement would be with his lacking lat development.

Oh, God! Please, give me good genetics so I can flex and impress.

Bradon Carter is, obviously, very gifted. He is tall and has full muscle bellies. This is also one of the reasons his arms look so complete and massive. Carter also has very well shaped chest muscles and abs which is pretty much a requirement for a fitness model, isn’t it?

In the video above you can see Brandon Carter training legs. We chose this particular clip as a reference point since in most other videos his legs are covered, and it’s harder to judge his entire physique.

As you can see Carter has very balanced physique and even his legs are pretty well developed and separated. He is not an upper body captain, so to speak.

This makes it even harder to accept the statement that he is only 175 lbs at 6’2″. He looks close to 190 lbs. However, we obviously can’t know that for sure.

Sometime a combination of quality muscle mass, angles and lightning can create an almost unbelievable illusion.

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In conclusion

The physique of Brandon Carter is achievable naturally by some people – not everybody. What makes him so special is his structure and conditioning. People with really good genetics can definitely be 175 lbs and absolutely shredded at 6’2″ or even 5’11”.

We have really hard time accepting that Brandon Carter is actually 175 lbs and has only a 40 inch chest.

Is he natural?

He could be but in our eyes everybody with a good physique is unnatural unless he is born in the late 1800s or we’ve been next to him during a blood test.

That’s why the phrase “similar physique can be achieved naturally” is used.

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