Why Most Bodybuilding Training Programs Fail Miserably

The amount of bodybuilding and general strength routines seems to be approaching 2.5 billions. The estimations is that the number will reach 3 millions in the near future. The more, the better? Hell, no! Most bodybuilding training programs fail miserably for one very simple reason: they offer unrealistic results and have only one goal in mind – to make richer the individual who sells them.


Flashy Titles, Crappy Results

Every bodybuilding program promises super fast results. Gains that are supposed to be so unbelievable that most of the time even the teacher does not believe what’s happened to his students. If you google ‘big muscles fast’, you are going to get tons of results. Most of the sites will be shady and they will also be selling some sort of e-book material that in the end of the day is not worth the 1,434 KB of space it’s going to take away from your hard drive.

While the programs may look good on paper and contain some fine advice, the results are never what you expect them to be. In 9 times out of 10 as a final product is presented a guy who is either on massive doses on steroids or even more massive steroids plus insulin and growth hormone. Also, the before and after pictures are heavily edited so that the user is mislead into buying the program. Of course, after you follow the routine for a few months you realize that it was all hype and marketing and you could have gotten those results by doing sprints, push-ups and pull-ups. No need for magical rep range numbers and routines.

Most of the time the creators of those routines choose super catchy titles for their recycled bullshit. It’s not uncommon to see titles such as: ‘Get Hardcore Muscle in 60 Days’, ‘Hybrid New Generation Muscle Mass 2.0’, ‘She Will Give You H*** After You Acquire Your New Muszles’, ‘Turn Your Masturbation Urge Into Muscles’…etc.

So, why do all bodybuilding routines fail so miserably?

Most of the time the routines fail miserably because they mimic what a professional bodybuilder would do at the gym and most bodybuilders seem to have single digit IQs when it comes to training. They do all kind of nonsense such as training lower biceps, training the outer sweep of their quads, upper chest, lower abs…etc. This does not bring results because too much variety means nothing more than wasted energy. Trying to do too many things at once always results in weak results.

There are also routines that are actually anti-mainstream bodybuilding and geared more towards powerlifting. However, those often fail too because they are also based on unrealistic expectations, too much hype, false promises and count on the ignorance of the noobs to sell more and more copies. Noobs are willing to do anything in order to get them fast and big muscles. As result they fall for the easiest marketing tricks in the world and it’s not uncommon to see ignorant people buy training books from people who have obvious signs of steroids usage such as gynecomastia.

People Expect Too Much From Bodybuilding Routines

People seem to be expecting way too much from their training routines. There are muscle loving individuals who actually believe that the secret to massive growth is following the right routine and that by changing your rep range you can build massive amount of muscle mass. Well, it does not work like that.

Training routines are nothing more than blueprints that change overtime depending on the situation you are in as well as your goals. They are not supposed to turn you into Hulk. As long as you put enough effort into almost any routine, you will get quite similar results. Sure, a certain program may be able to help you add 20 lbs to your squat faster than another one, but in the long term the effect is not as significant. Please, be honest – you are not saving the world with your squat and overall powerlifting and/or bodybuilding efforts.

There are no perfect bodybuilding routines

Regardless of what the flashy titles say there are no perfect bodybuilding routines that will transform you into a hot man who women want in their beds asap. Sorry, but we are not sorry. There are no perfect bodybuilding routines and will never be. Every routine has a shortcoming and you have to be willing to sacrifice in order to reach your goal. For the most part, the better bodybuilding routines are built around your main goals instead of promising to do too much at once. You can’t lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. At least not an appreciable amount of muscle. Stay away from routines that promise too much too soon.


You Can Get All The Advice For Free

If we were greedy for money, we could easily try to sell ‘The Special NattyOrNot.com Bodybuilding Routine That Makes Natties Look Like Steroid Users’ but we don’t because all the knowledge that we have – we have acquired for free from the Internet and that’s why charging other people for it seems somewhat wrong.

There are plenty of forums and web-sites where you can find reviews of training programs as well as their most obvious shortcomings. However, keep in mind that quite a lot of the population has been already brainwashed to accept all kind of nonsense. In other words very few people are able to see that the emperor has no clothes.

For example, there are many followers of Mark Rippetoe and his routine Starting Strength. While it’s one of the best training routines for beginners, it also comes with a lot of hype, false expectations and logic deprived dietary advice. There are many people who have gotten quite fat thanks to the GOMAD diet which was popularized by the exact same phenomenon – Starting Strength. However, very few of the brainwashed skinny fat people who followed the dietary advice and got fat are willing to admit it. This is why you have to be careful not to become part of any training cult and to keep your vision clear and precise. Take what’s useful and cut away the rest.

…and for the love of GOD don’t buy e-books from shady websites such as: TheSecretToUltimateNewschoolArnoldMuzclezBigBiceps.com

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