Bodybuilding Seminars Are A Waste Of Time

As you already know is not exactly a conventional bodybuilding web-site. We often post information denying the typical mainstream bodybuilding claims that are nothing more than tricks scamming the noobs.

One of those tricks is called: bodybuilding seminars.

Every professional bodybuilder as well as the ‘gurus’ surrounding them are organizing bodybuilding seminars in order to make more money. Of course, they want you to believe that they are doing it to spread the knowledge, but this ain’t exactly correct.

Most of the mainstream bodybuilding seminars do nothing more than misinform the public and spread the typical bodybuilding ideas such as ‘eat big to get big‘, ‘lift heavy‘, ‘feel the pump‘…etc. In other words, they’re all trying to be politically correct and nobody wants to say the truth in order to keep the coins dropping.

In the video below you can hear the bodybuilding legend Ronnie Coleman claim that he’s never used steroids:

This is obviously not true since Ronnie Coleman competed as a professional bodybuilder for decades. All of the guys you see battling at Mr.Olympia are not natural and while Ronnie has very good genetics for the sport, he ain’t an exception.

Truth be told bodybuilders fear serious consequences, if they were to admit steroid usage. They may lose their jobs, contracts and even go to jail. Obviously, nobody wants that and that’s why the wheel is spinning in the same direction since Joe Weider and Arnold’s time.

However, that political correctness makes events like bodybuilding seminars completely useless. You cannot expect to follow the plan of an IFBB pro and get as big as him without the drugs. It’s like trying to drive a Ferrari without fuel. It’s never going to work. When an important piece of the puzzle is strategically omitted and replaced with supplement talk the only thing that’s ever going to happen is money fat reduction.

In the video below you see a seminar of Phil Heat, Flex Lewis, Dennis James and Larissa Reis. At about 27 minutes into the video a guy from the audience asks them how to gain weight. The response of Phil Heath is the good old ‘eat more’ while Dennis James makes the person in question take his shirt off in order to see his puny muscular development. As a result the guy is advised to eat carbs all day in order to gain weight. This is a typical example of how useless this bodybuilding interventions are. Why are people paying so much money so that a guy can tell them to eat more? The pros are just feeding the fans with unrealistic expectation and want the noobs to believe that they are actually revealing the real secret to growth. Well, my friends it’s just a scam. The info is garbage and gets you nowhere.

Quite frankly those bodybuilding seminars resemble some sort of a circle jerk dedicated to muscle worship. The guys from the crowd are often ridiculed for asking ‘stupid questions’ and the minute anybody starts a serious discussion he is labeled as a ‘hater’.

Those bodybuilding seminars are no different than the ‘get rich quick events’ which are meant to just take the money of the participants and enrich the promoters and the speakers. Nobody gives a damn about your success. It’s a doggy dog world.

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