Bodybuilding And Idolatry, {the delusional fans}

Bodybuilding may not be a popular beauty contest, but it sure as hell enjoys a large share of idolatry. There are a lot of people who look up to the big names in bodybuilding and treat them as something out of this world. While it’s fine to learn from somebody who’s excelled in a specific field, it’s not fine to idolize that person and put them on a pedestal.

“It is the normal state of the human heart to try to build its identity around something besides God.”
– Soren Kierkegaard 

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No matter who you are at one point or another you will feel lost in life. This is when many people start to look for a savior. Most, wrongfully, put all their faith and admiration in something ‘fleshy’ that is part of the human world, like a football team or a singer. Have you ever wondered why so many teenage girls fall for music groups like Backstreet Boys and Nsync? The men in those bands make them feel secure, loved and protected from the outside world.

When it comes to males, however, things change a little bit. Obviously, most teenage boys and men in general have hard time finding comfort in female groups. After all, they fear being labeled as ‘gheys’, if that was to happen. This is when the muscular men in thongs come into play. Bodybuilding has been the savior of millions bullied boys. Believe it or not most people involved in bodybuilding suffer from an alpha male complex. They just don’t feel secure and try to compensate by building big muscles behind which it’s easier to hide. Those guys look at professional bodybuilders as idols who have reached the most secure point. They’ve reached perfection a.k.a. 20 inch arms!

Cool, but this method of ‘hacking life’ won’t work. When you put you faith in men, you are doomed to be disappointed sooner or later. Just like the drug addicted and mind controlled celebrities professional bodybuilders are not worthy of idolization.

It all started with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Without a doubt Arnold Schwarzenegger is the first bodybuilding God the world knows. He was able to conquer the universe thanks to his big muscles, ‘charisma’ and ‘phenomenal acting skills’. Back in the day comparing someone to Arnold was like comparing someone to an angel. Arnold could never do wrong and those who criticize him were/are nothing more than ‘jealous haters’ who would never be able to reach his level of accomplishment. All of that sounds pretty cool except that following Arnold’s steps would lead you nowhere.

There are tons of delusional bodybuilding fans who are willing to sacrifice everything to be like Arnold or the other bodybuilding fellas from his time. Those followers copy Arnold’s training regimen and eating while also applying his ‘Six Rules Of Success’ only to end up frustrated and torn apart by self-hatred. All of that because they’ve put their faith in a man and as we know my friends – men are not to be trusted.

The video below is an excerpt from our favorite bodybuilding documentary Bigger, Faster, Stronger. The older guy in the video could be used as an example of how delusional people are. He has dedicated his whole being to becoming some sort of a muscle celebrity and for what? To fulfill some sort of inferiority complex. It’s our opinion that men like this would be much happier living their own life instead fighting for some sort of a pipe dream that is actually working against them. All of this is caused by low awareness, poor consciousness and personality kept captive by soulless desires and idolatry.

People read about the legends and admire the old school photos of the muscle men, or should we say muscle Gods, while completely neglecting the development of their own personality. What makes all of this even better is that you pay for it. A lot.

The popular bodybuilding idols use their names to deceive the naive fans/followers into buying the magic supplements. While more and more people are becoming well aware how ineffective supplements actually are, there’s a noob in need for muscle mass born every minute who doesn’t know anything about the game and is quite used to worshiping celebrities who supposedly know just about everything.

The wise thing to do is learn from those who have the knowledge but don’t treat them as Gods. In the end of the day you will always be left disappointed and used by the dirty game which promised you everything and gave you nothing.

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  1. Hendu

    Bodybuilding fans are the worst, they are the embodiment of the worst preconceived ideas about bodybuilders. I would say if you are a homophobe and a bodybuilding fan you are in the wrong place, bodybuilding is inherently a homoerotic activity so like it as homoerotic as it is or find another sport to like.

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