What Bodybuilding Can Teach You About Real Life

People form their opinions regarding the outside world on three things – what they are told, what they’ve read and what they’ve experienced themselves. Believe it or not, your profession and what you do most of the day reveal more about you than Sigmund Freud’s wet dreams. Those involved in the sport of bodybuilding tend to share a couple of common characteristics enforced by the specifics of the activity.

Once your are caught in the iron game, you are never the same. There is no doubt that if you stick long enough, lifting weights will change you and teach you a lot about about the outside world.

So, what can bodybuilding tell you about real life?

People are narcissists


The most obvious conclusion that comes to mind once you start spending time pumping iron in the gym is that people are narcissists without a single exception. From the first to the last, humanoids deeply believe that they are the best thing that happened to the planet and that demands unconditional love from every living being around.

Bodybuilding is one of those ‘me’ activities where the whole point is to make the crowd go ‘wow’ while looking at you in a sexy thong. You can break that anyway you want, but there’s no doubt that the highest pleasure a bodybuilder experiences is when normal people are ‘miring’. It makes bodybuilders feel like GODs on Earth.

Modern commercial gyms rank high among the places containing large amounts of mirrors for self-examination purposes. The goal is, of course, to be able to inspect your glute development no matter where you are in the gym. When you are dedicated to the sport of bodybuilding you need to learn how to live the mirror lifestyle. The mirror lifestyle is very simple – you must be able to use as mirror everything you can find outside – car mirrors, shop windows, Coca-Cola cans, badges, iPhones and of course the classic narcissistic choice – water.

A bodybuilder must ensure that his biceps have not shrunk since he last measured them 4 hours ago. While it’s inconvenient to constantly carry a measure tape with you all the time, you can just take a selfie and examine what you are working with. Are they now 15.9 inches instead of 16 ? Maybe the reason for your suffering hides in missing your anabolic window by 0.01 milliseconds ? Please, ensure that you don’t fuck up so badly in the future.

The handbook of the modern recreational bodybuilders says that in the end of the day you should always upload all of your pictures on Facebook. The goal is, of course, to show the world how amazing your are. What a better way to do this than uploading a bunch of selfies taken against the mirror in the bathroom? It also helps, if the mirror is dirty and it looks like somebody has shoot a bunch of swimmers on it. After all, you want to make sure that the photo look real. You should never give people the opportunity to even question the usage of Photoshop in any of your productions. No! That’s only for celebrities who are fading away, but still want to remain relevant through Playboy photo shoots. Those people are a joke, aren’t they?

Money rules


Since money took all over the world it has been the most uncontested king of this universe. When you have money you can have everything a human shop has to offer. It also has a large influence on how people look at you. Just look around: there aren’t poor people who enjoy great respect. When was the last time a stinking homeless man was taken seriously? People seem to always bend over for the rich business guys and the Hollywood actors.

The world of bodybuilding reveals the same phenomenon. It’s also ruled by money and since the beginning it was based on exploiting people. The scheme was simple and well known in the advertisement industry – you present an otherwise inefficient product and make it look way better than it actually is. It’s like painting a rock yellow and claiming that it’s gold. In case you haven’t realized by now we are talking about supplements.

It may surprise some of you but bodybuilding reveals one simple fact that 90% of the population, refuses to accept – people are giving away their money for stupid garbage that most of the time does not even work, and if it works, you probably still don’t need to get good results.

In order to sell more garbage, you need to keep the dream a life. You have a shitty supplement line that you want to promote? No problem. Just get a drugged motherfucker to back it up. You want your fart smelling garbage perfume to sell? Cool. Just get a brained dead MK-Ultra processed Hollywood celebrity with nice shaped titties to promote it.

That does not mean that as people we don’t need material things and we can just leave like savages. It means, however, that beyond a certain point you are falling in the trap of consumerism, and that traps is a hard one to get out of. It’s sad, but most people report bugs once they run out of things to buy. What do you do once you don’t have to buy anything to live normally, do your job and hobby? Most people are never satisfied and just can’t imagine living without saving money to buy some fashionable goods.

People love making simple things complicated and obsess over minor details


Without a doubt bodybuilding is one of those things that people like to overly complicate when there’s no real need to do so. There are all kinds of fancy routines coming from everywhere when training is not even remotely close to being a complicated matter. It’s people who choose to make it harder to process.

At the same time bodybuilders love to obsess over all kinds of minor details. People are endlessly asking the same old questions on training forums, but with a small twist. Should I do this exercise instead of that? Should I do this first or maybe that other thing? Should I do preacher curls or barbell curls for my biceps? Oh, man…do you have any exercises for that biceps peak? By the way I heard that sleeping with an open window helps you burn more fat? Is  it true? Can I get shredded abs while sleeping? Please, tell me, fucker.

Instead of thinking for themselves bodybuilders choose to turn to some kind of authorities who are supposed to know it all. Unfortunately, bodybuilding is full of variables and people like to constantly speculate with that. They come up with all kinds of different muscle building approaches and in the end the user is confused and feels like he is using two operating systems on the same computer at the same time. Don’t even ask me how that’s possible.

The same obsession is observed in others field of life. People lose sleep over trivial things such as posting the correct Facebook status or similar value deprived activity that in the end of the day does not matter one bit and has no deciding strength. Nobody cares about your Facebook posts and we are sorry to deliver you the bad news but even if you die, people would still not care about your posts, maybe except for a day. That’s because at the moment Facebook is similar to bodybuilding and everybody wants the spotlight to be shining over him. People are too busy thinking about their own Facebook statuses and don’t have time reading yours.

Mental strength knows no rival


Bodybuilding and lifting weights in general is largely dependent on your mental strength. Every powerlifter and bodybuilders knows how important it is to have strong and determined mindset before a heavy set. It’s a test that puts everything to the limit, although it may not look as difficult from the outside.

A deadlift, for example, is a simple lift that does not require as much technique as the clean & jerk, but a lifter who’s ever maxed out on deadlifts knows that the whole Godfather trilogy may play in front of your eyes during a heavy attempt. That builds mental strength and teaches you how to enter a compact and yet powerful mode.

The way most people live today does not give you many similar opportunities. Sure, you can have sex and stuff but a heavy deadlift is a heavy deadlift and you are never allowed to get away with poor performance. You either finish it correctly, or you don’t. Also, it does not matter how rich you are – a heavy barbell is still a heavy barbell and even if you own 5 oil fields and 20 gold mines, it’s still going to kick your ass. So, be prepared, you spoiled rich degenerate!

Perseverance will take you a long way 

It’s easy to start anything, but what’s really hard is keep doing it for a long time despite all the struggles and obstacles. Bodybuilding will teach that progress has a cost and anything you would consider worthy in life will always require an immense amount of perseverance. Some people may have more talent than you, but if they lack consistency and give up easily without a fight, you can outperform them and reach levels they can only dream of.

You are not that different than other people

As much as we want to be unique we are all living in the same human form. If I jump from the 8th floor, I will get smashed. If Donald Trump tries it, the same will happen.

There may be many different programs depending on who you are, but the main principles of training which are progressive overload, proper recovery and proper form always apply. If those are not respected, it does not matter who you are – obliteration will occur.

Of course, the fake naturals on steroids want you to believe that there is large variation in people’s genetics and some people can get to be 220 lbs with shredded abs naturally while other have to be satisfied with being 120 lbs with a beer belly regardless of how much they train. This is not the case and people’s genetics for building muscle don’t differentiate by such a large margin. There’s the occasional freak with massive frame and 16 inches arms without even training thanks, but even that guy is severely limited.

In the end of the day we are all humans and share quite similar vulnerabilities and strengths.

You can’t cheat nature no matter how hard you try


In this world you can only cheat a human. There are many different ways to scam somebody thanks to our social structures, but you can’t fuck with natural law. On this site we have focused extensively on exposing people for using steroids while claiming to be natural, and while we still consider some of those guys cheaters, they only cheat people like you and me. They don’t cheat nature and can’t escape from natural law which acts like gravity.

You can take all the steroids in the world and be able to convince some illiterate people that you are natural, but you are still going to pay the price. You will have to face the adversity, the side effects, dealing with shady people, the dependence and other sides effects that people experience when they are on muscle enhancing drugs.

When you are on anabolic steroids, your testosterone production is shut down because you are receiving your hormones from external sources. That’s one of the ways natural law uses to stick it to you when you play with fire.

Nature always seeks equilibrium and you can’t have it all. You may get to play for some time, but you will also have to deal with the dirt afterwards. We are born, we live and we die and then we do whatever is opposite to living. Judging by how most people actually live, it must be pretty cool.

Politically correct fagginess still wins


Nobody likes people who really have an opinion different than the status quo. Those who dare to criticize are immediately labeled as ‘haters’ and for some reason people seem to really hate them. Nobody loves the person who dares to say some negative words. It almost does not matter whether they are true or not – that person will be immediately taken down by the crowd which seems to love politically correct fagginess or basically idol worshiping and avoiding conflicts at all costs for the sake of acquiring some material toy.

That’s how the rich keep getting richer. They’ve been successfully using people against people in order to control society. The happy slaves are among the most dangerous people. They represent a peculiar group of individuals sharing common characteristics of a slave or a person with deprived natural rights. However, the happy slaves love their servitude because in the end they are getting a present from the good old Santa. What the happy slaves love even more is that they seem to be able give their whole responsibility to someone else – the government.

A good example of a happy slave would a typical rich person from the U.S. or Western Europe who works a good job, gets paid reasonably well and is in good health. This person has the ultimate potential to become a happy slave because he is living the good life and who dares to question authority when the very same thing seems to be helping you so much?

The same is observed in bodybuilding. We have the athletes who turn into pregnant pigs in thongs. They have nothing in common with bodybuilding from the past and yet that circus continues because it’s tolerated by the majority of the crowd as well as the management working behind the scenes. The guys that can make a change do no care because they are still getting their paper and the wheel continues to spin, until a site like NattyOrNot.com takes the bazooka out.

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  1. Paul

    “there’s no doubt that the highest pleasure a bodybuilder experiences is when normal people are ‘miring’. ”

    I’ve always hated that. When I was young and even today people I’ve met just seems to perceive another person but the real me. I never liked to be confused with a walking flesh.

    “The happy slaves are among the most dangerous people. ”

    Brilliantly said. I just love the philosophical part of this site. Keep doing so.

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