Why are modern bodybuilders so much bigger than Arnold?

Current bodybuilding competitors are about 50-80 lbs heavier than the bodybuilders from the era of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Many say that the reason for that is the advancement made in the field of sports nutrition and training, but this is not really the case. The main reason why modern bodybuilders are so much bigger than Arnold and his friends is that they are using a lot more steroids as well as growth hormone and insulin. It’s as simple as that.

The bigger, the better?


Back in the day of Arnold bodybuilders were not using insulin and as much growth hormone. They were relying mostly on anabolic steroids which at that time were widely available and were from much better quality than the cheap stuff people buy online today. That’s why the bodybuilders from the 70s and the 80s had better lines and did not look pregnant on stage due to spotting enormous growth hormone guts.

Ironically modern competitors do not look better despite their larger size. Most people still prefer the bodybuilders from the Golden age and consider them better than the modern chemists competing on Olympia stage for the last few decades.

In the photo below you can see one of the most aesthetic bodybuilders from the past – Dany Padilla, Frank Zane, and Mohamed Makkawy. None of those guys had the mass of the competitors today and yet they look much more complete and closer to the light part of bodybuilding.


Danny Padilla – The Giant Killer


Frank Zane – known for his aesthetic physique











Mohamed Makkawy - another giant killer

Mohamed Makkawy – another giant killer

In comparison today we can enjoy the following freak show which looks nothing more than a chemical experiment gone wrong.

Markus Ruhl - big but ugly looking, bloated and with zero athletism

Markus Ruhl – big but ugly looking, bloated and with zero athleticism

Similar anti-development of the sport of bodybuilding is not something unexpected given the fact how stupid humans tend to be most of the time. We can only think in numbers and quantity instead of quality. The bigger, the better? Not really. In the end of the day quality always wins over quantity.


  1. Indranil

    Wonderful article that should be highlighted everywhere so that the stupid arrogant bodybuilders of today realize that essentially they are pulling the sport backwards and can never be idolized due to their ugly shapes

  2. Mike

    They’re not even bodybuilders. They’re PIGS – big, out of shape, honking hogs, ready for slaughter. The whole thing is overly homo-centric too – very, very gay-“ish”! They look like insecure sissies. What’s with the queer faces modern “bodybuilders” make? Compare to Arnold’s day, when the men looked athletic and serious. Today they look like begging clowns “please choose me, please, please, look, I’ll make queer faces, is that good? Please choose me!”

  3. Peter Shirley

    Today’s Bodyuilders are not nice to look at as they are way to big, in the 1970’s 80’s Mr Olympia, you had from Zane, Columbo, Dickerson, Oliva, Arnold,Platz, Haney, De Mey, Fox, Bannout, Haney etc all different shapes & sizes were as of today they are all freaky mass monsters, i’m losing interest in the sport !!!

  4. John

    It’s bodybuilding. It’s about big muscles. Nobody that I know wants to watch fitness men compete. Well maybe women. And if you do your looking at bodybuilding for a different reason. Everyone wants to see chemically grown muscle just like every sport it’s pushed to the limit that’s what brings in the money. The reason everyone liked Arnold and Lou is because they were the biggest of their day. A little skinny everyday gym dude is not going to bring in money. That’s not bodybuilding.

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