Bodybuilders Eat Junk Food All The Time

A young boy went next to a huge bodybuilder and said:

‘How do I get as big as you? My dad beats me and I want to grow huge so that I can protect myself.’

The huge bodybuilder replied: ‘Solid nutrition and training!’

This is the usual response and what many professional bodybuilders consider the road to a good physique. However, do professional bodybuilder really eat as clean as they say.

Are they walking the walk?

Bodybuilders eat a lot of junk food


While the world of bodybuilding has been trying to convince you for a long long time that everybody in the fitness industry is all about clean foods, it’s not the case at all.

Many bodybuilders include junk food from McDonald’s or other places such as Burger King in their diets on regular basis.

Most of the time this is done in the off-season but not always. Here’s what the king of SEO injections in the arms, Gregg Valentino has to say on the subject:


There are a lot more stories like that even though professional bodybuilders are always trying to convince everybody that their muscle size and definition is due to consuming the cleanest foods on the planet Earth.

Additional calories

One of the ways that people use to justify the consumption of junk food are the super high caloric needs bodybuilders are meant to consume in order to grow. Since getting all the needed calories from solid foods alone is quite hard IFBB pros go to the dark side and consume cheeseburgers, chips and what not in order to reach their daily needs.

A slingshot vs. AK-47

If you are a natural bodybuilder, don’t make junk food more than 15% of what you eat. Otherwise there will be negative results. Bodybuilders are known to take a lot of crazy fat burning drugs such as the good old ECA stack, DNP and T3 in order to burn the excess fat they’ve gained as a result of poor eating. Those drugs can be classified as their AK-47. On the other hand the recreational lifters have a slingshot to fight against the negative sides of junk food addiction.

Rich Piana is an old school bodybuilder who has gained quite a lot of popularity over the last few years thanks to his wild attitude and large arms. He usually says that people don’t grow because they don’t eat enough.

However, we all know very well that natural bodybuilders who eat like pros just get really fat. The extra energy is not used for muscle building. It’s just stored as fat cells for later usage.

Any excess is extra…

What makes people fat are the extra calories and unfortunately extra calories from clean foods can also cause fat gains. No matter how clean is your diet, if you are eating too much you will gain fat. A good example would be the followers of the popular GOMAD diet who usually get super fat despite consuming generally good foods such as milk.

Going crazy on a diet…

There are many huge guys who never place well in bodybuilding shows because they just can’t diet down to to contest condition body fat levels. This is an undeniable evidence that dieting is one of the hardest aspects of bodybuilding. Being on a diet is no joke.

Many people simply go crazy when they are dieting down. It’s a hard mental stress and since most of the time the amount of carbohydrates is severely limited before a show, the issue becomes even more apparent and affects your personality. This is when cheating becomes kinda hard to control and many bodybuilders are constantly testing their will every time they pass next to a fast food restaurant.

Is a little bit of bad that bad? 

While high consumption of junk food is obviously bad being a spoiled food snob is not good either. In the book: ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ the character became immune to some kind of poison by taking a little bit every day. This is actually one of the reasons why quite often cigarette smoke is more harming to the passive smokers than to the real smokers.

It’s not uncommon for the lifetime partners of active smokers to suffer more negative sides than the smoker himself/herself. That’s because the individual is not as used to the poison while the smoker has been sort of conditioned.

For that reason  including a little bit of questionable food is not that bad for you. If you limit it to 10-15% of your total intake, you are not likely to suffer many negative consequences, if any.

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