Biggest Mistakes People Make In The Gym

1.Talking Too Much


Wherever you go there’s also a group of people that comes to the gym mainly to talk about trivial stuff and mainstream gossip.

They usually spend more time talking than training. Of course, they also drink coffee in between their sets.

Often those people don’t progress much or ever because that’s not the goal of their visit to the gym.

Nothing wrong with that but don’t expect to progress when you don’t put in the effort.

As they say – there’s a time and place for everything. This reminds me of one of the most annoying situations I’ve experienced in the gym.

Three guys, all on steroids, were talking and one of them said:

-Brahs, I was just ready to shoot my load on her face when I got a sick cramp in my leg.

The other two were already laughing.

The funny thing was that all of them were on a lot of gear, bigger than many people in the gym, and yet trained like barbies and were sharing similar stories frequently.

Well, thanks for the information but you have to learn that there’s such thing as too much information.

2.Drinking protein shakes

Bodybuilders are broscientists and have phobia of low protein amounts in their blood circulation. They always want to have some sort of protein in their system because otherwise they feel like their muscle mass will dissolve in a matter of seconds and nobody will show them respect anymore.

That’s why they always drink protein shakes before, during and after their workouts. Believe it or not that’s not necessary and the body does not go catabolic in an hour. In order to reach that phase you need serious macro nutrient deprivation.

The creator did not build us as weak as the muscle magazines want you to believe. Save your protein for later – no need for distractions and frequent bathroom breaks.

3.Trying to impress the girls by lifting a lot of weight


One day I was struggling with some miserable weight on the bench press and a bigger guy told me the following: ‘It does not matter how much you lift. Give yourself a break. Girls don’t really care.’

I told him: ‘Thank you.’ {‘fucker’ was silently said in my mind}

Now, I know what he meant even though I still believe he was a stupid person.

Don’t try to impress anybody with how much you lift, especially girls. They don’t care. They care more about how you look and what personality you have. After all, do you think they see a difference between 225 lbs and 315 lbs? Most don’t.

4.Training in front of mirrors

Many people love to train in front of mirrors thinking they are doing something. The mirror shows how you look but does not ensure proper form. You should learn how to do every lift without looking in the mirror. Training is not Need For Speed, it’s real driving and real drivers are not able to see how their cars look from the outside when they race.

The mirrors in the gym are there to allow bodybuilders to train posing, but how many of you are actually competitive bodybuilders?

5.Overwarming up

It seems that since school people have been lead to believe that you need to warm-up for 30 minutes before doing a remotely difficult physical activity. That’s why you see people spend enormous amount of time on the treadmill before attempting anything. Some warming-up is fine but overwarming up isn’t because it takes aways mental and physical energy you need for the essential part of your workout.

6.Using the equipment for crazy exercises

From time to time there’s a gym hero who likes to use different machines for totally crazy stuff. All of this crazy stuff may potentially cause crazy injuries. Don’t be stupid.


7.Doing every exercise under the Sun

It seems that many people think that gyms are amusement parks where you should try every climbing frame. That’s why you see people jump from one exercise machine to another thinking they are actually accomplishing something other than wasting energy. Well, I  guess it’s still better than sitting on the couch and watching brainwashing TV series.

8.Bench pressing without a spotter or safety pins

Many people in the gym are too ashamed to ask for a spot when they bench press. Often it is because they are not very strong and are benching light weights. Well, you have to understand that nobody cares how much you bench press. Most people are too caught up in their own life to even notice. You should not be affected by such trivial ego bruises. If you want to know how to safely bench press when you are alone, read this article.

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