Biggest Deadlift Mistakes People Make

1.Not learning proper form

One of the biggest mistakes people do when it comes to the deadlift is not learning proper form. Trainees just focus on lifting more and more weight while completely disrespecting the proper mechanics required by the lift. You need to first learn proper form by using light weight and keep it while moving to heavier weights.

For information on how to deadlift with proper form consult the video below:


2.Deadlifting heavy too often

The deadlift can technically be done everyday, if you use moderate weight and limit your volume significantly. However, you can deadlift heavy only once every 7-10 days. Of course, beginners may be able to get away with more frequent practice but once a certain level of strength is reached (1xBW) it will get harder and harder to recover from your deadlif sessions.

The deadlift takes a lot from you and requires significant recovery time. That’s the reason why many professional powerlifters deadlift heavy with a lot of caution and it’s not uncommon to take 14 days to recover from a hard workout. The popular deadlift master Andy Bolton said that he once needed over a month to recover from a heavy deadlift attempt.

3.Not deadlifting because of fear

You should not be scared by the deadlift. When done correctly it’s about a million time safer that driving a car. Just use common sense and go back if your body tells you to. You are not going to save the world no matter how heavy your deadlift is. Also, if you think that the deadlift can be dangerous to your back, read this article.

4.Deadlifting to be a ‘true macho’

While giving up on the deadlift because of fear is stupid, doing the lift just to look ‘gangsta’ and ‘macho’ in the eyes of others is also bad. If you don’t want to deadlift and do it just because you don’t want to look like a ‘pussy’ in the eyes of the brainwashed teens on, fuck the deadlift. It’s your life and you are responsible for what you choose to do. If you don’t want to deadlift, don’t. This article teaches you how to build a strong back without ever deadlifting.

5.Using mixed grip for your deadlifts


Many people rely on the mixed grip when they perform heavy deadlift sets. Technically this method has worked just fine for generations of great powerlifters but it has one serious downfall – it promotes uneven development and the chances of tearing a biceps tendon are quite high. That’s why it’s better to use the hook grip or sometimes even straps to prevent such issues.

6.Using straps too often when you deadlift

Using straps for some of your deadlifting is definitely fine. Just don’t overdo it and make sure you develop your grip strength. Always use double overhand grip for most of your warm-up sets. As your warm-up weight increases your grip strength will improve as well. If you have a particularly weak grip, read this article in order to learn how to develop superhuman finger and forearm strength.

7.Expecting the deadlift to make your legs huge

While you can develop leg strength through deadlifting, it’s not an optimal exercise for that goal. The range of motion is short and you would do much better if you squat or leg press. If you want to do a deadlift workout that promotes leg growth, read this article.

8.Doing deadlifts before squatting

Never do deadlifts before you squat. The deadlift tires your lower back like nothing else and when you squat with a tired lower back, you are putting your spinal health in danger. Simply don’t do it. When you are a beginner deadlifting after squats is acceptable, although you must do some kind of pushing upper body exercise in between to allow some recovery.

9.Expecting miracles to happen because you deadlift

Regardless of what the over-hyped articles on the Internet say regarding the deadlift, it’s still just an exercise. You will not transform yourself into Ronnie Coleman by doing deadlifts. A lot of people tend to expect insane transformations after they introduce squats and deadlifts to their routines. Sorry, but deadlifts are still not as effective as steroids are. However, deadlifts are definitely the healthier choice for young people who don’t want to shut down their testosterone production for the sake of impressing the girls in the club.

10.Not using chalk for you deadlifts

Using chalk for deadlifts will make sure that you don’t miss a lift because of sweaty hands. Also the chalk will instantly make the bar feel more secure in your hands and as a result you will lift more weight. If your gym doesn’t allow chalk, you may consider using liquid chalk or of course changing your gym.

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