Biggest Bodybuilding Lies Exposed

1.You will get really big when you start training and eating properly.

No matter what routine you use and what kind of protein powder you put in your body – you’ll never get as big as the dudes you see on sites like T-Nation and on the cover of Flex Magazine without using tons of anabolic steroids. It’s physically impossible.

Pearl Harbor Hawaii Bodybuilder Pose Posing

Every guru out there wants you to believe that there is a magical cookie cutting program out there that will help you finally build some appreciable muscle mass but there isn’t. It’s all a scam and every routine is nothing more than recycled material with one or two more exercises in there.

2.Once you start lifting heavy weights you will be super big.

Many people believe that once they start lifting really heavy weights they will be bigger. It’s a logical conclusion since those who put the big numbers are usually huge. However, if we were to go back to reality and natural bodybuilding you will see that there are many individuals in the gym who lift really heavy weights and are not that big. That’s because size is largely dependent on your hormonal profile.

There are female Olympic weightlifter that squat more than professional bodybuilders and yet they are nowhere near the same level when it comes to muscularity.

3.Supplements are important.

Supplements have been exposed on this site many times and we are not going to go into details on the subject right now. We just want you to look around in the gym and pay special attention to the twinks swallowing protein shake after protein shake and sometimes adding a cocktail of creatine and amino acids.

4.There are mandatory exercises.

Your exercise selection should be based on goals, health state, fitness level and experience. You should never do exercises just because they are fancy or well marketed.

There are no mandatory exercises. There’s a substitute for every movement.

5.You need a lot of protein to build muscle mass.

The supplements companies want you to believe that once you stop taking all that extra protein you will become super skinny and lose your muscle but this is not true.

Drug free bodybuilders don’t need to eat as much protein as it’s advertised by guys like Layne Norton.

It’s a vicious cycle but is slowly getting you out of it.

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