Big Ramy – Good Training Or A Steroid Freak?

Mamdouh Elssbiay better known as Big Ramy is the current bodybuilding sensation. He is well over 300 lbs – 136 kg and is one of the biggest IFBB pros out there. Last year he finished 8th at the Mr. Olympia even though he looked much better than the 6th place finished Jay Cutler. The place of Jay Cutler was given for political reasons.

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How did Big Ramy achieved such a freak factor physique in such a short time – three years?

Obviously, we are not going to analyze whether he is natural or not because it’s obvious even to the population over 90 years of age that Big Ramy is a walking chemical container.

However, what’s ‘surprising’ about Big Ramy is the way he trains. In most of his videos on YouTube Big Ramy is training very calmly under the supervision of former IFBB pro Dennis James and is using machines for almost 90% of his exercises.

This alone makes us think that the freaky size of Big Ramy is mainly due to steroid and synthol abuse.

Most people in the gym rarely grow doing similar routines where you go from one exercise machine to another.

Pumping exercises and split routines where you train one muscle group a week until you feel the burn and the pump are the reason most people in the gym are not happy. They are wasting endless amount of time reading magazines and doing all that blubber all in vain. But who was results?

When your exercise routine consists of so many movements you can’t track what’s really going on and programming becomes really hard. If you are not improving on your exercises, you can’t grow. And if you are doing too many exercises, you don’t have a focus.

An additional factor that is also very important for natural bodybuilders is work and recovery capacity. When you are natural you don’t have the luxury to recover fast and there’s only so much work your body can handle and recover from.

Conclusion: Big Ramy does not have any secret ways of training. Without a doubt his freaky size is mainly due to his favorable genetics and effective drug and synthol protocols. Natural bodybuilders will not find success nor satisfaction in following Big Ramy and Denis James’ training methods.

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