Big Biceps and Their Psychological Effects On People Flex for me, baby!

The biceps hysteria is a very interesting phenomenon that could tell us volumes about the modern society. It all started many years ago in the early days of muscle branding when the photos were still black and white, and the special effects were limited to lightning, angles and posing. Then Arnold took it to the next level with his action movies and immense influence. All of this lead to the fortification of the arm biceps as a symbol of strength, muscle size, power and even sexual charisma.


Simply put, biceps size has profound psychological effect on people’s minds.

When it comes to male only communication, big biceps are simply intimidating.

Back in the day one of my skateboarding friends ended up in a school consisting of only males. I don’t remember exactly what the school specialized in, but I guess it was something engineering related. As expected, the place turned out to be a facility for low life psychos and a teen thug farm.

Ironically, the boy was one of the nicest guys you can ever meet – the type of guy who gives money to a stronger who’s holding an iFone during the request. He was humble and had a good heart for sure. However, weird things happen and sometimes good people end up in places they were not supposed visit.

So, my buddy told me many crazy stories revealing the madness found at this place that was supposed to be a school. For example, one time a group of guys broke a lamp on the head of a classmate. It was also quite common to fight with the teachers, who of course were all males too. If this place reminds you of prison – you got the right impression.

One of his classmates was an upcoming boxer participating in underground fights – the kind of events you see in gangsta movies where two guys fight in a cage while some crooks bet dirty money.

This underground boxer was a totally crazy motherfucker according to the stories I heard. However, I didn’t knew any of this until I actually met that fighter in person.

One time we were skating at a popular high traffic location – a place at the center of the town, where tons of people pass, and you experience brain overload as a result. At one point this teen thug and a group of his classmates came to say “Hi!” to my skateboarding buddy.

The fighter had crazy looking biceps on him. I can’t tell you how big though. It happened a long time ago, but I remember the wave of intimidation that was created. Simply put, our skateboarding crew was afraid of the guy and one of main reasons for that were his big arms.

I was yet to learn any of the crazy stories about the guy. My friend told them to me afterwards. Yet, those big biceps intimidated me, although to be fair I was probably 135 lbs at 6′ at the time, and it was not that hard to meet people much bigger than me.

The same rule still holds true – big biceps will earn you the respect of other men, especially strangers. I am willing to bet money that you are less likely to get picked on by your boss, classmates, coworkers…etc., if you have rightfully sized biceps regularly put on display a.k.a. wearing muscle shirts frequently. I understand that big biceps do not equal any kind of skill, nor even that much strength, but that’s the way it goes in our visual superficial society. Movies are a powerful thing, you know.

Consequently, having small biceps can hinder your confidence in the weight room and outside. Look around in the gym. You will see that the guys with the biggest biceps walk around like they own the place, even though they may be insecure cowards deep inside. At the same time, guys with small biceps are usually more humble and less likely to adopt alpha gestures.

As you can guess, I am member of the small biceps club. I used to be particularly annoyed by this unwanted membership, because nobody cared that I lifted. People would look at my arms and conclude pretty fast that I am a weakling, even though at the time I was a deadlifting machine by the average gym rat standards, according to which 315 lbs is a decent deadlift for a male.

I worked shoulder to shoulder with a recreational steroid user. He was the type of guy that has no idea how to train, but still takes steroids and is decently sized. He was there since the beginning of the company, and nobody except the real boss was a threat to him. He treated everybody with disrespect and quite a lot of females used to hear “Sup, whore!” instead of “Hello!”.

The guy used to order his steroids in plain sight. He used to schedule deliveries next to me without caring at all. Everybody in the room was aware that he was on steroids, and specifically oral Stromba. He was definitely not a shadow pinner.

Body wise he had big arms, chest, back, chicken legs and Wolf calves. He was also a permabulker and had a fat belly which was supposed to be fixed through “fucking harder and more frequently”.

At the time, I was already lifting hard. Of course, nobody there knew that because I didn’t look big at all.

One time I looked at his arms by accident, and as you can guess, those type of guys have arm check detectors. Every time somebody stares at their arms even for a second, they can feel it miles away.

A conversation started:

“What are you looking at? 44 cm arms, brah? A hammer. You want to go to the gym. Don’t you want to have shirt busting biceps too?”

I was about to tell him that yesterday was a squat day or something like that but decided not to bother. He continued:

“Come on, don’t you want yours arms to be big like mine, you little insect?”

I was about to tell him that my deadlift was almost 405, but decided not to. Who’s going to believe a small armed geek anyway?

“Sometimes the wind will steal you away, you little weakling,” he added.

This is just one of the many examples how appearance, and arm size in particular, have profound psychological effect in males. It’s as close to a dick measuring contest you can get to, without actually measuring your dick.

As far as females are concerned, big arms are still a sign of masculinity and protection from the outside world. Many females report increased feeling of security next to a big fella with big arms.

I can’t give you a study other than my observations as an outsider, but I am pretty sure my conclusions are true. When I see a fragile 100 pounds girl holding the huge biceps of a bald man next to her,  its pretty easy to read her mind – “If you mess with me, this guy will break you in half. Just try, sucker!” It doesn’t take a PhD to acknowledge this fact.

Of course, having big arms does not guarantee a successful relationship or marriage, but it sure as hell guarantees attention. You can be certain that when you have big arms, the girls notice – even if they say, they don’t care.

For many girls big biceps, and arms in general, are what breast and legs are for the boys – you may not like a person, but you will appreciate if any of those parts are high class. Every boy knows a girl that is a “bitch”, but has perfect legs. Well, every girl knows a boy that is a “jerk”, but has big biceps too.

In conclusion, I don’t know if the biceps/arm hegemony will end anytime soon. Probably after 20 years there will be a change, but as of right now – big arms still work. And whether we want to admit it or not, they have a huge a say in the social human world.

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